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looking for a xmas present....

Hi girls,

I am looking for a nice table and chair for my lo as she loves drawing (on my nice wooden table) i thought i would be a great idea for a xmas present but i cant seem to find one i like has anybody got any ideas? There are lots i like but i dont think its worth the ??300 they want lol xx


  • ELC do one that has a chalkboard bit on the actual table which I thought was a good idea.
    I've also seen one that has a compartment in the middle that comes out so you can keeps crayons etc in it, but I've only seen it in a cars version, not sure if they do anything a little more girly.
    I'm also planning on getting one of these for my lo one for Xmas or his b'day.
  • On the cheaper scale - Ikea do a a wooden one. It has 2 chairs, is a light wood colour and the chairs and the table have a white wood top and seat. I got that one because it doesn't look totally daft in my lounge! It's also really cheap so that I don't mind if it gets covered in paint/pen or whatever and it's a great size for her. If I remember rightly it was only ??17.
  • Just got a lovely one from Next ??45.00 it has some storage along with a lego board side and you can use if for sand and water to. Ticks all my boxes and it pink!
  • Hi - we bought a table from our local garden centre/hardware store of all places. I think I can honestly say it was the best thing we ever bought. Its so useful and easy to keep clean, Its a small blue plastic table and they had lots of minature garden chairs in lots of different colours. so we bought 2. It was originally for outside but we mainly use it inside because the boys use it to colour,paint and play but they also use it to sit at and have their meals. Its fantastic and has meant that i could get rid of my youngest highchair months ago! its a perfect size.
    they love it and all the little friends that come like to sit at it too. It was about ??10 for the table and another ??10 for both chairs (I think) the chairs stack as well so they don't take up any room and the whole lot slides under our dining room table when not in use.
    If you can find anything like this I'd really recomend it!
  • hi ive just bought the one from elc it has a chalkboard centre its gorgoues ??75 but i got a voucher code for 20 % discount
  • Grr BE ate my post!

    There are some gorgeous looking ones on the Great Little Trading Company website and in their Winter catalogue. I think they look fab. They are on the more expensive end of the scale, but they're not ??300. I don't know how they compare in terms of quality to the Next and ELC ones that have been mentioned as I haven't seen any of them, but they look great.

    I am going to buy a table and chairs for lo for Christmas or 2nd birthday (only 3 weeks apart) so I am on the lookout too.
  • Wilkinson online do them quite cheap.

  • WE're getting the IKEA one!
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