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Party Prize Ideas..

Hey, just wondered if any of you have any ideas..

I am having a small halloween party - 6 + my son on Saturday (keeping it small as I am 35 wks pregnant)

The age range is 2 - 4.5 and I have 3 games organised but I need some prize ideas... (nothing too expensive tho;\))

Suggestions will be greatfully received!


  • Tescos do little plastic medals. My nieces had them at their party (kids ages 2-4) and the kids loved them. Lol They all felt very important. Lol.

  • the medals and a bag of halloween chocs (marks and spencers do them as I am sure tesco do )

    All the tesco party range are great. Even a bottle of bubbles are great. One thing I found that went down well is to wrap them like a gift. The winner of each game gets to put hand in a bag and pick a prize out. They love the suprise element and unwrapping their special prize. give out sweets to the ones who are out tho to avoid tears...
    d xx
  • Its not Halloween-y, but you can get a bumper pack of Palydough in Sainsbury's and wrap them separately. What about bubbles (that you blow with a wand)? Small packs of crayons with a little colouring book (you can get bumper packs in places like Card factorythat are really cheap)?
  • Thanks girls! Knew I could rely on you!
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