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o/t does anyone have a cleaner?

hi o/t but does anyone have a cleaner?

i have been thinking of getting a cleaner in maybe once a week, as even though im at home all day i find it so hard to get into a routine.

i wondered if anyone who has a cleaner could tell me what kind of things they get their cleaner to do as i havent done this before so dont know where to start.##



  • Hi I work for myself as a Cleaner!
    Basically I will do usually 3hrs once a week for ppl,including dusting,hoovering,wiping skirting boards,cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces and mopping floors.I also strip and re make beds when asked.extra duties could involve cleaning windows,washing paintwork and ironing,whatever your cleaner has time to do or you may ask them to do a quick clean one week to concentrate on the extra tasks you would like them to will soon fall into a routine that works for you both.
    I would probably try a private cleaner rather than a company,as usually these will charge more and in my experience some simply were not very good and just doing it for an easy ride(no offence to anyone out there who does,this was just my experience when I worked for one company)I worked as head housekeeper in a Hotel for 7yrs and I think its best to try to get some one who has experience as it where..well,anyone CAN clean but not everyone CAN do it well lol!!!!!!!!!! ask for telephone numbers of their other customers and see what they say after all your inviting someone into your home and possibly leaving them in their alone you need to trust and like them I think!
    Good luck! x
  • hi thanks for your help. i have arranged for a lady to start on tuesday, she will come for 3hrs once a week for ??7 and hour. i havent met her but she has given two numbers of refs. she is just a lady who cleans odd houses, not a prof as such.

    i dont work at the moment but feel i need more time with ethan, and i will be starting college work in january so wont have time for cleaning then what with two young kids aswell.

    i havent told anyone (real life people lol) about getting a cleaner because i think they will think i am lazy, but i suffered pnd bad after ethan and although im better now, i still feel really down being stuck in house cleaning..and i missed out on a lot of him cause i was so focussed on my own feelings so i want to make up for lost time.

    i was thinig id ask her to clean bathroom, kitchen (also inside microwave and fridge)
    mop floors, dust in livingrrom
    and change kids beds.

    i owuldnt expect her to do our room (and tbh i feel id like to hide clutter in there lol), does this sound alright??
  • Hi it sounds fine,and I know what you mean about wanting to move things,Im convinced some ppl actually tidy up BEFORE I go round lol!!
    Dont worry about what ppl will think,having that extra help will free up your time to spend with your children,and thats whats most important Not who cleans your house once a week lol... x
  • Benjismummy, my mum ALWAYS used to make us tidy up when the cleaning lady was coming :Lol: we did have a cleaner for a bit at our old house, but tbh she was a bit rubbish so when we moved we just stopped it. I would definitely have one again if we could find the money though.
  • OH thinks we have a cleaning fairy, does that count lol?! Now, where did I put my tutu and wings.........!!
  • I wouldn't eb without my lovely cleaner. I think she saved my marriage - honestly! OH and I used to bicker about not sharing the chores when we were both working full time and we didn't have lo (OH barely did anything) and we have had a cleaner for about 6 years. Whenw e moved house, we had to have a different lady, and I just love her to bits.

    I live in SE London and pay ??9 per hour. She does what I ask her to do, which is the same every week. She does 4 or 5 hours with us, depending on how much there is to do. She always does the whole house (no areas off limits in ours! lol), so hoovering, dusting, floors. kitchen, both bathrooms, bedrooms, living room and dining room. And when she has finished that, she does our ironing.

    Every now and again, she will do extra hours for us, and then she will do things like inside the oven, fridge, microwave, windows etc.

    I feel fortunate that I can afford to have a cleaner every week, but even if my finances were tighter, I woudl do everything I could to try and keep a cleaner even for a few hours, as I think it is so good for us.

    You won't regret it, I promise!I find that it is easier if we go out whilst she is doing the cleaning, and come back whilst she is ironing. It allows her space to do what she has to do, and it is sooo nice to come back home to a clean house!
  • omg i would love a cleaner! I don't think you're been lazy at all. I am not normally a very tidy person because i'd rather play with the kids and read stories etc. but our property is on the market so I am constantly cleaning and tidying and as soon as i've done it the kids make a mess again. it is a constant ongoing chore. before they could make as much mess as they liked (with toys and stuff not food) and then it would just get heaped up at the end of the day!
    even the day to day stuff of feeding them, dressing them changing them, cleaning bits of food up that go everywhere, washing up etc etc that takes enough time
    so i think its fantastic if you get somone to help you out with the cleaning. you'll have much more quality time with your kids.
    I also don't balme anyone for clearing away clutter/tidying before a cleaner comes. how is she going to dust surfaces or hoover the floor if its covered by magazines or toys?
    best of luck and let it know how its going!
  • I had one when I lived in UK and worked F/T. She came and stripped beds/remade them, hoovered, polished, cleaned bathrooms, kitchen etc... I paid her for 4 hours and if she had time left she would wash paintwork, wash windows etc... she also took my ironing and brought it back the next day. OH worked away for 6 -8 weeks at a time and I had the 2 kids and preferred to spend my time with them rather than cleaning. i am also a stress head and my house has to be clean or I sit there stewing. ( i am like monica from friends)

    Now we live abroad and have a full time live in house maid (everyone does here) she is great. I have 5 kids now and I can devote time to them while she does the crap jobs.. lol

    dont feel you have to explain to anyone that you have a cleaner. Most my mates back at home have one but they just dont shout it from the roof tops..

    Cola bottle.... loving the house fairy ref.....

    d xxx
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