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Fusspot at mealtimes ..... doing my head in!!!

Hugo has always been fine with food, eats stage 3 and 4 jars at 12 and a bit months, and our food not blended at all.

For the last 4 - 5 days he is refussing point blank to eat porridge in the morning and the jars that he has at dinner time. We were thinking it might be teeth, or sore throat, BUT he eats food like sandwiches, fruit, snacks all fine!

I have been giving him a spoon to try to eat himself, do you think it is the issue? That he doesn't want ME to feed him?

Though when I give him porridge and he refuses, and then I give the spoon to him, he just throws the spoon away! )he knows both how to scoop up the food and put it in mouth),

When I do get the porridge or jar food in his mouth, he just sits out anything that resembles a lump! (and he is abso fine with lumps .....)

I just dunno what to do!


Thanks, xx


  • those jars can be great for babies but sometimes once they have moved on to proper food they are no longer interested in pureed stuff. he might just prefer the texture in his mouth of something that he can chew on. i know that probably sounds strange. maybe he doesn't like the flavours anymore as some of them can be a bit strange - bland versions of adult food or maybe he just wants to be like you!
    sometimes they just go through 'fussy' stages - my 2 are always at it the little monkeys! if he's eating normally in other areas and drinking properly i wouldn't worry about it but if he's not eating at all then see your hv/dr.
    best wishes and good luck!
  • This is Hugos time table for food, he will be 14 months on 7th nov:

    7 30 am: boob
    8 30 - 9 am: sandwich with philly, or eggy bread, some fruit, rasins, a cookie or a few puffs, breadsticks
    Midday - PORRIDGE (normal 4 grain or oaty one with full fat cows milk) atm refusing to have this one, so I give a fromage frais and some more fruit
    2 30 pm - some snack type of food, ellas kitchen smoothie,
    5 pm - a jar (Refusing this one) and a yoghurt and a cookie
    7ish - food that we cook for ourselves (depending on what it is, he might eat loads or only a little) and a fruit pot,
    9 pm - nighttime boob.

    I hope he is eating enough, I just dont know what to give him at porridge and jar time ...

    Is there any kind of cereal i could give him? Mix with some yoghurt? And give some cow's milk to drink?

    As for the jar food at 5, it is his biggest meal of the day, and he cant wait till 7ish when we eat our food, and I deffo don't have time to c ook a big meal twice ...

    Ohhh the toddle years, hope this is just a stage of stubborn boy ...
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