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Has the clocks going back...

affected your kids?

This morning my 2 woke up a 6am when before clocks changing they would sleep til 7 or 8. It was awful, had to bring them into my room and put telly on for them so I could rest a bit- I don't do getting up at that time!

Following on from that, they are now ready for bed at about 5pm and it's hard work to keep them awake. They were in bed at 5.30pm tonight.

Will they adjust to the change naturally or am I going to have to brave it and try keeping them up later at night? Just wondered if anyone else had noticed this with their lo's.



  • yes my 2 normally wake up at 6.30/7 and now its 5.30/6 which is not good! hope they manage to get the new routine soon but I'm not holding out any hope!
  • yep!!! Daisy woke at 5.45 yesterday and 6,20 this morning. she goes to bed at 8pm or later and i kept her up till 9pm on sunday night but it didnt work. in my experience keeping her up later has no effect on morning wake up. i can put her to bed at midnight and she would still wake up at 7 so im hoping tomorow morning she will wake up a bit later until shes back to normal at 7 . im sure this is what happenend last year.
  • Barney was up at 4.45 yesterday :roll: and 5.20 this morning. He's an early riser normally anyway so the extra hour has made him stupidly early. We are still putting him to bed at the same time, so hopefully he'll adjust in a day or two.
  • not rally noticed any difference in Ollie's waking time, but MJ had a feed an hour earlier in the morning but then slept for an hour later after that feed so that was good image

    A few days and they should be back to normal.

  • we havent had a problem i was hoping it would help me et them to bed earlier but they are still going at the normal time of 9
  • I dont really have a problem with the waking but at bed time they go at 7.30 and by 6.30 they are shettered but i dont want to put them to bed earlier as they will wake earlier and they wake at 7.30 which suits me nice.
    Hopefully in a day or 2 they will settle in to the new time.
    vikki xx
  • I'm really struggling with this. My LO always woke at 7 am which suited me just fine but now he is up at 6 am and won't go back to sleep and I am exhausted and out of ideas to keep him occupied by midday. I thought he would have adjusted by now as his bed time is still 7.30 as it used to be.
  • it has been a nightmare! lo (21 months) was previously waking at 6, which was early enough, but now he is waking at 5. oh my god. and he doesn't go back to sleep, oh no! he has a 40 minute nap in the day, and is then in bed at 7. arghhhhh!
  • Oh it's not just my 2 little monkeys then! I'm hoping things settle down soon. Last night I put them to bed later and it made no difference. 6am they were wide awake.

    I feel sorry for all us poor mums, already a bit sleep deprived and now getting an hour's less sleep! I think clock change should be outlawed!

    Hope all lo's get back into a good routine soon!

  • lol mine was up at six that day! has resettled back into routine now though. makes me laugh when people say an hours extra sleep, yeah right! for everyone with no children! x
  • My lo is an early riser (5.30am) anyway but has woken up at 4.30am since the clocks changed! I'm EXHAUSTED!
  • Lo used to be an early riser and we've worked so hard for the last year to get him to stay in bed till 7. And on occassion 7.15, yippee.

    Since clocks changed he hasn't slept past 6. I'm hoping it will start to creep nearer to 7 over time.

    But by the time that happens it will be spring, mornings will get lighter adn brighter, birds will be singing and clocks will change a again.... aaargh ! S x
  • millie use to wake at about 5.30am for her bottle then back to sleep til around 8am ish since clocks have gone back shes been waking at 6am for her bottle then back to sleep until between 8.15 and 9am!!! no idea why but its def a good thing!! shes been going to bed at her normal time of between 7 and 8pm xxx
  • Yep Charlotte now awake at 5.30 rather than 7am. Although the past week she's been a big grumpster and could be teething with 2nd molars.
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