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someone else ... sleep problems

Have not been on this forum since I was pregnant with freddie 16 months ago but have signed on to get some advice on sleeping as Freddie has never slept through since the day he was born and its only getting worse. Now its taking anything up to two hours to get him to go to sleep in his cot, he only seems to sleep in my arms or if i lie down next to him but as soon as i put him in his cot he wakes and starts screaming. I have been doing lots of reading and research this morning as i am at my wits end now and i am wondering whether i should try the sleep separation technique on the supernanny website, also I have been giving Freddie his bottle of milk after his bath and story and he usually falls asleep drinking it, then we put him in his cot, now thinking it would be better to give him his bottle first and put him in his cot as he does not know how to go to sleep himself, can anyone give me some advice PLEASE ? do you give them their bottle last thing ?:\?


  • Hi hun welcome back!!!!!!!!! To be honest we had problems with ashton up until he was one but now he is sleeping 18.30 till 07.30.

    Ashton normally has his bath and a then his milk and when he is finished we take him straight up to bed awake and he goes to sleep himself, although sometimes this can take a while (can hear him talking to his teddies, lol.) Think its important that they know how to get themselves away to sleep by themselves. Best way we found of doing this is to put them down awake and if they cry just to go in every 5 mins (incresing the time each time) and settle them. You need to say the same thing to them each time and not get them back out of the cot. We did it this way for bedtime and also if he woke during the night and to be honest we had one bad night and that was it. He does still wake in the night but we just go back to doing the same thing.

    Ashton is now in his big bed and goes to sleep fine in it and when he wakes in the morning he just sits and talks to his teddies until we go in to get him. Good luck hun and let us know how you get on. xxxxxxxxx
  • thank you for your help tamarabell and for welcoming me back ... think i recognise your name from this forum when we were all expecting actually ! Am going to give him his milk whilst reading a story and not whilst rocking him in my arms and plan to put him in his cot awake but sleepy and will see what happens ... wish me luck !! Have pre-warned the neighbours !! xxx
  • Lol about warning the neighbours! I recognised your name too, also have another little boy now called Leighton who is four weeks old! Fingers crossed that you don't have a too bad a night, will hopefully hear from you tomorrow with some good news! And don't get too upset if Freddie is upset tonight, it takes a little time but will all be worth it in the end! xxx
  • RE sleeping through. Tyler used to wake 2-3 times per night and then Tammi said give him some porridge for supper (thanx hun) it filled him up and now he only wakes once in the night.

    I dont remember your name hun but hello and welcome back. Hope you get him sleeping better soon. Its very tiring when they dont sleep well. xx
  • Forgot about that Elaine! Yeah Ashton used to have ready brek befor bed and that also worked - never wants it now though, is just happy with his bottle. But worth trying too! xxxx
  • great ideas thank you ..... have been trying the sleep seperation technique from the supernanny website and first two nights were hellish with him waking every 2 hrs but last night he only woke at 9.30pm and then 11.30pm and then slept till 6.30am ... fingers crossed its really working and not just because he was shattered !! I know I am x
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