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Help we're all so tired!!

Hi all just need some advice lo is 2 & a half has always been a fab sleeper sleeping on average 12 hours until the last 2 months she's now waking at 5am ahhhhhhhhhhhhh it's just too early for her 9.30 comes & she's tired wingey & throwing tantrums like nobody's business ive tired cutting her nap in the afternoon,not having a nap going to bed bit later going to bed bit earlier,we do things through the day so it's not as though she's not stimulated but come 5 5.30 she's up goes for a wee & come hell or high water she's not going to back to sleep it's so annoying cos you can see her by 9 she's tired again anyone been here & got the t shirt please say we can sort this cos i can feel my eye's drooping as i write! xoxo


  • i've got droopy eyes with you honey!! My boy was 2 in september and has always been an early waker at about 6am but goes through phases of waking earlier (and we're having phase at teh moment!!) he was up at 4.16am this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He came in bed with me and he dozed off again, but he's such a wriggler in his sleep, I can't get back to sleep!!! and its a killer as i'm working full time at the moment!!

    he ususally goes to bed about 7 / 7.15 and i've even tried putting his bed time back but it makes no difference. He also still needs a nap during day otherwise he's a grumpy so and so come 5pm and then has restless nights!!!

    I don't what to do to get him to sleep later, How i'm coping with it is by being in bed by 9pm!!!!!

    sorry not much help x
  • Is it always 5am? I did the baby whisperer with my two, and I did the wake to sleep thing when they were babies, (get up an hr before they do, wake them slightly till they stir then leave) not sure how it works on toddlers, but might be worth a go x
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