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Secret Santa

Hi girls as youmay have seen Tracey has asked that someone else do the secret santa as she has alot going on at the moment. Does anyone have any problems with me doing it again? xxx


  • Hi hun, hope all is well. No probs from me, esp as I have my secret santea gift already!!! Sad I know but any excuse to shop, lol.x x x
  • No not at all hun. image x x x
  • Nope - good idea ! You done it brill last time. xx
  • Right girls if you can all e-mail me your address and maek the e-mail "Secret Santa" so that I don't delete them. As soon as I have everyones address I will pull names out the santa hat and let you all know who you are buying for and their address!!!!

    If you sent me your address last year you will still need to send it again as I have lost my address book since moving!
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