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bringing up baby, on at 9

do any of you watch it?


  • I missed it last week and really wanted to watch it. was it good! will watch it tonight.
  • Not allowed, but I did hear C4 were in a bit of poo poo for putting babies lives at risk.
  • yeh read something about that,
    yeh it was good, i hate the 50's tech, it's heart breaking.
  • I've never seen it, but lots of the mums at toddlers were saying how awful the 50's woman was.
  • Wanted to catch it thanks for the reminder!
  • Well goodnight everyone, off to watch bringing up baby. chat tomorrow.
  • nite simone!
  • just watched it as my husband is snoring beside me.
    And I have recorded him as he is so loud and thinks I'm making a fuss for moaning that it keeps me awake. He is in for a shock, I can tell you!!!

    Its the first time I've seen it. Dont think I would have wanted to take part in it. I think its best to do what comes natural for you and your baby.
    Cant say that night feeds were ever a problem for me. At least with Katelin anyway, as 3am was the only time it was relaxed and peaceful and I enjoyed a bit of quiet time with her.
  • Totally agree with you Lucyanne
    We've always done whatever came naturally and i think that those first months are so precious there's no way i'd spoil it with tv cameras.
    Amber still wakes between 5 and 6 but i just make sure i have a good mag to read. In the first weeks when they've woken lots i used to take mars bars to bed - it really helped!!! x
  • Hi all
    I was going to put a post in here about this.
    Im really enjoying the program but cant stand the 50's approach. My mother in law kept telling me to put my kids outside to sleep (never listened to her of course). My hubby wont watch it with me, as he wants to slap that stupid woman.
    kas xx
  • hiya last night was the first time i'd seen it but the tutor on my breast feeding course had said it would be about feeding last night and OMG i wanted to scream at the telly how can it be sexual and similar to dropping your trousers? Arghhhh It's stupid comments like that which put people off doing it!

    I agree with you Kas about the 50s approach and was very surprised to find myself agreeing most to the continuum method which i've always found too extreme. I have to say i think it's a shame that they made those precious first weeks seem like a chore that can only be cured with a good routine and that people that don't acheive that have failed.
    i'm glad i'm not pregnant whilst watching it i'd have been freaked out.
  • Ohhh I was hoping you'd seen it Boo so we could have a good rant about the awful breastfeeding comments, amongst all the other stupid things!!
  • I have never breastfed any of my children through choice . but thats purely my personal view about me, I have every respect to those that do.
    But for those women on tv last night to say what they said was outrageous.
    I'm sure it can be rather daunting at times when you are out and about and your baby needs feeding and with attitudes like theirs its hardly surprising.
    They have done the issue no good esp' for first time mums to be hoping to bf.
    well thats old maids for you.
  • lucyanne, i completely agree, i chose not to bf, but think those women who do have every right to do it wherever they want. my friend came round for a coffee soon after we'd had our babies and it took me ages before i realised she was bf in front of me. she was so discreet. people like those women on the telly last night need to stop being so prudish!! gggrrr!!!
    kas xx
  • well nicoles bf, and i just feed her where ever i can get a seat, don't give a toot really. but the only time i felt funny about bf in public was when i just had her and i never really knew what i was doing and she was on and off alot and i was in so much pain (had mastisits and trush in my milk ducts at points) i had to bite down and try hard not to cry.
    i've had such bad comments when bf nicole, but funny enough only from women. i got called a pervert, a sicko, a pedo cos why else would i want a baby to suck on my tit! i've been called a freak and i've even been asked what the hell did i think i was doing, i was in a shopping center not a toliet!!
  • omg kristy, thats awful. hope you told them where to go!!
    Cheeky gits.
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