Cant be bothered :cry:

This may sound really weird but i cant be bothered to TTC anymore i want a baby right now more than anything but i no OV is coming up soon ish and the thought of ov then the 2ww i think why oh why am i doing this???

i am not going to give up but just feeling down cos i no ill OV then ill have to 2ww and then AF will arrive then we start all over again its just a horible circle i am stuck in and its driving me mad!!!! :cry: :evil:

sorry for the downer ladies just feel bit shitty at the min!!

the only thing i enjoyed today was a fab firework display with the OH and my DS!!! image image image


  • oh matey, im with ya iv got no pma atm! im the most impatient person alive...i want it now (as spoilt by oh as i am) i get everything i want there and then, but none can make that happen this time, everyone around me seems to be getting their bfps and its driving me mad! try and keep ya chin up ya not alone on this one xx

  • ditto!!! xx
  • Yep am with you girls, said exactly the same tonight to hubs (whilst in Asda nonetheless!!!).
    I want a baby NOW and I hate waiting (stomps feet!) xxx
  • its pants all this waiting! i hate it and do have a lil paddy here and there! why cant there be a magic stalk who brings the lil bundles of joy?! xx

  • Hay, Ive been feeling the same Pants :lol: :lol: :lol:
    I want a baby yesterday but i dont wanna wait image y cant we get them in asda :lol:
    I think i am ov early this month and i know that af will still come dead on time :cry:

    gems x
  • think im on 2ww now? lil confussed this month but hey ho, fingers crossed anyway! xx

  • I'm with you all on this one. I normally have control over every aspect of my life and if I want to do something then I make it happen. This is the one thing that I have no control over and it is driving me insane.
  • I hear that Josieposie and I am very impatient xx
  • Count me in! I've never been the most patient of people at the best of times but now I have what little patience I had. Josieposie is so right - it's the lack of control that I can't stand. The only thing I can compare this feeling to was when we were waiting to complete on our house - I knew it would happen eventually but it was totally out of my control and I felt in such awful limbo for ages.

    BOO to ttc.
  • Hey ladies have not been on for a couple of days trying to get some PMA but not happening!!!!!

    least i am not alone i am on CD9 today and i no OV is coming up and normally i am getting excited by now but at this time i just cant be bothered to BD

    hope the rest of you ladies are feeling better now x
  • Awe ladies I know just how you feel.

    I got to the point after 10 months of trying where it felt like too much effort.

    But the month I got my BFP we only BD'd TWICE in the whole month- it was still enough to get a BFP, so don't be too hard on yourselves and don't give up. It only takes the once !!

    Sprinkling baby dust your way

    MG 19+2
  • I totally agree. TTC is so frustrating, I wish the stork would just give me a baby! It's not fair, it shouldn't be this hard! Boo!
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