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hello everyone am very new here.

wow what a great place to chat about all the things that made me feel like i was just going mad. image

im sure i will get to no you all as time goes on image

just a little question....

im 3rd month in to ttc and is day 13 i have very sore (.)(.) am a little concerned that it could be a hormone problem. what do you guys think.:\?



  • hi sarah welcome to BE

    Cant say ive heard of sore (.)(.) on CD14 but i wonder maybe its connected to ovulation? did you try googling? I find loads of info just by googling the questions.

    Have you had it before?

    look forward to chatting with you. ;\)

  • Welcome to BE so-sarah!! IT definitely is a great place to chat...I only joined 2 weeks ago and already look forward to logging on everyday to catch up on everyone's news and know I can have a whinge if need be!!

    Not sure about your sore (.)(.) I would think it is quite likely to just be a normal hormonal thing, maybe you are around ovulation time? Is it different to the normal soreness you would get around AF time?

  • Hi so-sarah!
    I think I remember reading somewhere that some women can have sore (.)(.) at ovulation because of the surge of hormones.
    Hope you enjoy BE, I've only been a member a few days and I'm already addicted and I've learnt so much from it! xx
  • Hi and welcome! I'm new too - only joined yesterday! Good luck with ttc - hope it's your month this month. Think the soreness you mention is definately to do with OV. I'd get BDing if I was you! Fingers crossed - good luck! x
  • thanks for your replys.

    i did wonder if it was linked to ovulation, never get it till 3/4 days b4 AF.
    maybe its my bodys way of telling me that im now ready.. oh i hope so.

    im very scared been with my other half 7 years now.. but i tried for a baby with my ex and tried for over a year with no luck.

    this website is just what i need..:\):\)
  • No need to be scared yet, there could be lots of reasons it didn't happen last time, including that it could well have been your ex that had a problem or that you never managed to get the timing exactly right. Most important thing (that is definitely easier said than done!) is to try and relax and enjoy ttc...our bodies don't seem to react well to stress and worry!!! Saying that, this is a great place to come when you are having one of those days, as almost guaranteed someone else will have felt the same way at some point : )

    Anyway good luck, I'm sure that this time you will get your BFP - PMA all the way!.x.
  • Ah welcome So-Sarah - it sounds like its defo linked to OVng.
    If you're on Month 3, do you have a good idea of how long your cycles are then and when you normally OV?
    I thought I OVd exactly mid-cycle, I just assumed. But I used ovulation tests last month for the first time and I actually OV CD19/20!!! madness huh!

    Good luck with TTC chick - this bunch on here are mego nice

  • thanks for that reply trixie85 and your right it cld have been him.

    my cycle has alway been 28 days. ive never done a ovulation test as have always thought mid -cycle. thanks for your reply mrs pp84 i think im might get a test for next month.

  • Hi so-sarah

    Welcome to the mad house LOL

    don't know abt. (.)(.) thing, suppose the others are right

    Wish you the best of luck TTC and sending loads of baby dust your way
  • hi so-sarah, welcome!
    love this site, as stupid as it sounds b4 i came on here i had no idea that there was a very small window of oppurtunity to get PG and thats it - for some reason i thought it was a week or so but once you have been on here for a week or so you will be an expert and start talking BE Talk to OH, like i'm on cd 15 i need to BD now so i can get a BFP !!
    good luck hun xx
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