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am trying now girls woowoo! how is everyone xxx


  • Hi sianyp77!

    It's exciting isn't it?! Me and hubby are just on our first proper month ttc too. Fingers crossed we'll soon be getting our BFP's! Positive thinking and all that!! xx
  • thanks so much hun, our first month too! ur 1st i take it?
  • Yes it is - I feel like such a novice! I never realised how completely ignorant I am when it comes to monitoring my cycle until I started TTC!

    We knew we'd be trying once we were married so I came off the pill and had a copper coil fitted about 2 years ago, just so my hormones could settle and my cycle could get back to normal. I had the coil out in October and here we are!!

    What about you, do you have any other little ones?
  • no this is first go for us, im 24 hunny 30 at xmas, married june 07, came of pill end of june incase it took a while to start ov again but been like clockwork eversince! surrounded by little one in family tho so cant wait to have my own been broody for 3 years!
  • sorry that shud have said HUBBY 30 at xmas, i suppose he is my hunny too lol!
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