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OK, what's going on?

Here goes; I'm on CD32, I usually have a 28 day cycle, but last month I started spotting on CD30 and then had AF on morning of CD32/CD1 so went to 31 days for that month only. :\? I had my peaks on CD18 and CD19 and so I'm 13/14DPO today. I've been having cramps in my tummy since CD29, and there were so bad last night that I woke up twice image and I actually thought that if I wa spg, I was mc as they hurt so bad :cry: however still nothing.

Today I've had cramps again, but not as bad as last night, but what's weird is that I've never had cramps before AF, only ever during. My (.)(.) have been heavy for abot a week, but that's not unsual for few days before Af usually shows her ugly head. Now what's evern more weird is that I've just checked my (.)(.) ( as I often do to see if they've changed :lol: ) and have found that they each have a long, thick dull blue vein running through them but otherwise they look the same.

I'm really, really confused, what do you thinks going on? :\? :\?




  • That sounds really confusing.
    Did you test at all?
    Keeping my fingers crossed that your AF is on holidays for 9months now image
  • Also, just to add I've been absolutley shattered today, since 2pm I could have quite easily have gone to sleep - even my boss told me to go to my car and have a nap for half hour!
  • I tested on CD30, 12DPO and got BFN

  • I would say if she is not here by Friday morning you should test hun, that would be your longest cycle recorded so there's certainly reason to... I'm a bad influence :lol:

    Symptoms could be pg or AF which is pants! My (.)(.) have each had a bluey vein now for about 10days and I'm on CD3 and it's a 1st for me so not sure...

    Fingers crossed for a BFP image xx
  • Test on Friday hun. Good luck!!

    12dpo may have been too early

  • Hi hun

    I tested 12dpo and got bfn. My af cramps started the day after and I thought I was out but they continued on for about without af starting. I thought it was unusual for me as af cramps didn't usually start till day before or first day of af.

    I thought I was just going to be late as quite a few ladies oin here had been around that time. Then my boobs started feeling different so tested again and bfp!

    Its really tough, the signs are so similar to af its difficult to know what to think.

    Wait a few more days and do another test.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  • omg sounds really promising doesn't it! i'd do as other ladies suggested, give it another day or so (HCG levels double every 48hrs) then test again

  • Hiya ladies,

    still no AF and I am absolutey shattered. I'm going to test in the morning if still no AF, wish me luck!

  • good luck rainbow, my af not arrived either, im going to wait til sat. Did have some pink streaked cm this afternoon, but nothing since, so don't know what to make of that. Sending lots of babydust to you xx
  • ooh doughball, hope it's you BFP

  • Good luck Rainbow, sending you lots of baby dust xx
  • thanks rainbow, but wouldn't it be too late for an implant bleed? i've worked it out to be 18/19dpo? more likely to be AF but there s always hope, wasn't it you who told me you aren't out til the witch arrives ;o)
  • I really want to test now but I only went hour and half ago and not sure it would show??

  • I know it must be killing you pet, but try waiting and doing it tomorrow with FMU. xx
  • My first test was taken at 8.45 pm, so you could try one now?
  • Yeah you're right MrsRobertson, I really should just wait. I might go to bed to prevent temptation!

  • Got my fingers crossed that tomorrow morning I'll be reading a BFP post from you! xx
  • I hope you get the result you are looking for! My AF still hasn't arrived either so I'm testing in the morning too image
  • Hi Rainbow,

    Just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow morning....sending lots of baby dust.

    I tested this morning and got a BFN, although as you know I'm not quite sure when AF is due. I'm on CD32 today and last cycle was 31 days. Gonna test again Saturday morning but not holding out much hope.

    Got my fingers crossed for you x
  • OK, now I'm crying at Emmerdale!

    Thanks ladies, hope it's good news for you Claire, it definetly isn't over yet

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