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Hey eveyone,

I realise I'm obsessing a bit over ovulating etc but I'd like some more advice please!

Ive read a lot on cm (as you do..) and I'm getting concerned that at cd13 my cm looks nothing like fertile cm, there's not a lot and it's not stretchy or opaque.

How long prior to ovulating can you expect to see changes?

Apologies again for yet another question... I realise I'm asking far too many for someone who has just started ttc!

K xx


  • This is a tough question really as not everybody gets what is described as fertile cm but they still manage to get a bfp!
    I get a gradual change over about three days so by the 3rd or 4th day of getting a lot of cm it then becomes stretchy and opaque. I also do temps so this helps confirm things.
    How long are your cycles normally? xx
  • As debbiemc says, this is really a tough question, it's so different for every person.

    Most of the women I've talked to about it only see it change the day before or even the actual day of OV.

    For me, it never changed, I hardly ever got EWCM at all, so resorted to preseed instead. Try not to worry too much yet, you mightn't ov for a week or so yet, so you've plenty of time to see your CM change. Wishing you lots of luck xx
  • My cycle is 27 or 28 days. I had some stretchy cm yesterday but it's gone today. I've been using cb ov sticks though which haven't shown a smiley face yet.

    Is it possible to get pg without the ewcm then? I assumed it wasn't to be honest. I have had ewcm in the past I just didn't think to track it at all.

    This ttc stuff isn't half stressful!

    Thank you for your help so far x
  • Double post sorry

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  • Hang on in there hun, im sure you will get your smiley face in the next couple of days!! Good luck xxx
  • Certainly sounds as if it's fertile CM and you are about to OV, fingers crossed you see a smiley face soon.

    Yes, I'm proof that it's possible to get PG without EWCM although I did use preseed to help me along xx
  • I seem to get mine 5 days before ov but only for 2 or 3 days.

    I don't seem to have any at ovulation though.

    I think i'm a bit strange?!?!?! xx
  • Hi Mrs KP, I'm actually in a similar position, first month ttc after coming off pill and now on CD15 and not yet ovulated. I spent ages on the web yesterday researching to see if I there is something wrong with me (as you do!) and found out a bit about it. I have never really experienced ewcm, I do get slight changes but not the level of stretchiness and transparency to it that some people talk about! Anyway I found out that out of all the symptoms women can get during ovulation, a lot of women only experience 2 or 3 of even though you may get a temp rise and pain, you might not get ewcm for example. Below is a list of the most common symptoms I found, so maybe try and look out for all of them and if you experience a couple then you know that's probably it. I'm going to presume that ewcm is not a big symptom for me!!

    1. Cervical Mucus Changes
    2. Increased Sexual Desire
    3. Body Basal Temperature Changes
    4. Changes in Cervical Position
    5. Breast Tenderness
    6. Positive Result on an Ovulation Predictor Test
    7. Ovulation Pain (Mittelschmerz)
    8. Headaches

    I think there are some other symptoms too, everyone is different obvously, but hope this helps a bit : )


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  • Trixie85, headaches are the biggest indicator for me, plus the ovulation pain!! You know if there's a god it must be a man, who else would give us a headache when we need to BD!!

    MrsKP, hope you get your smiley face, I don't use the CBFM, just cheap ov sticks I bought online, but i have a 28 day cycle like you and ov'd on CD15.

    Good luck xx
  • Dotty - so true!!! Headaches and sore (.)(.) are obviosuly just the thing to get us in the mood for bding!!! Hehe. Mind you, I would put happily up with all of that if it means I get to OV, please let CD16 tomorrow bring me some good luck!!.x.
  • It was only since I started looking into fertility and ovulation etc and basically how your body worked until I realised that what I put down to AF symptoms - heavy boobs, mood swings and headaches were actual ovulation signs - not (as I thought for years) pms 2 weeks early!

    From what I've read about CM - it can vary between ladies - some get lots and some a little and sometimes you have to go and 'search' for it. Also it can vary from month to month - so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Last month I go EWCM on the positive day of my OPK - which is supposedly 24-48 hours before you ovulate, but nothing the next 2 days when I supposedly ovulated. I'm wondering if my body was telling me to bd then and not wait - wish I'd listened!!!

    Good luck everyone
  • :lol: OV is not sexy at all i get OV pain so bad a cough is enough let alone bd image and who wants to bd with a headache sore boobies and a slippery downstaird :lol:
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