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Wow - we have a head start!!!

Hi girls, well its been an emotional rollercoaster on here for me the last 6 months and well we had decided to start trying in Dec but hubby decided last night why wait til then and we enjoyed a very loving night together (so glad to get off the condoms) ha ha those evil little rubbers are getting well and truly packed away!!!

So I guess this puts us UPSI/casual TTC from now on but am still gonna stick around on PAB as all you ladies have been fantastic support but I also want to graduate over to TTC so will have a nosey in from time to time on there too!!

Wow I cant take it all in and I havent told anybody apart from you lot on here ha ha as am keeping it to myself for now and my friends keep asking and I keep telling them next year so will keep it that way till after xmas at least!!!

Heres hoping we get a fast, super sticky BFP over the next couple of months but am aware it could take alot longer so I will be here for the ride!

Good luck everyone xx


  • Hi huni, just wanted to say hi and 'officially' welcome you over to ttc!
    big hugs xxx
  • Thanks hun, a slight typo I havent been on here 6 months altho it feels it but I joined 3 months ago and we got married nearly 6 months ago.

    I have posted on ttc but I dont want to get too hung up on trying as I have promised dh we will take it slow bless him but am secretly hoping for a BFP in Dec xx
  • Ah thats great news! Fingers crossed for a quick BFP
  • What great news!! Thats fantastic!!
    I really hope (although we'll all miss you) that it happens very quickly-i do know that there are so many wonderful women on here that sooo deserve to be a Mummy, but there are also loads of people in the world that can just 'look' at each other and get a bfp..fingers crossed!!!!

    x x x
  • dont leave me lol

    congrats hunni muchos jealous xxxxx
  • Aw thanks ladies am staying on here too as I just cant leave you all, you have been fab these last few months and really helped me through my journey x
  • Thanks Susiee wont be long till you are joining me over in ttc lol. Seems a bit crowded over there tho so am hanging over here for now and will pop between the two until I get my BFP and move to Pregnancy (OMG) It just sounds so surreal lol xx
  • SD thats fab news, I wish you all the luck in the world. I'll be leaving for s few weeks as I move and I won't have the internet for a few weeks, so you never know, I could come back to your new of a BFP!!! Sending you lots of babydustxxxxxx
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