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LH surge!?

Decided this month to use Ovulation sticks (so much for chilling...). On third day. Day 1 and 2 faint line but today it was the same as the reference line.

Does this mean that i am going to ovulate soon?? BD time!?!?!

Any advice. No idea how this all works...


  • Sounds like you just got yourself a positive ov stick lady with both lines being the same strength! Get BDing! Once you get a positive then i think you ovulate within the next 36 hours so get going, lol. image x
  • Guess we'll be bding tonight! Hubby has been away hiking for a few days so he will be so tired. Nice dinner i think first...!
    He doesnt quite feel the same way about bding at certain times of the month, he says it will happen when it will happen but i say we have to at least do it on some of the days otherwise you miss your time!!!

    Men!!! Lol!!!

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