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Just saying hello!!


Well i am (eventually - long story!) back from our amazingly wonderful trip to NZ, unfortunately not with a Kiwi bean, but feeling happy and refreshed and very hopeful for whatever the future holds! image

Feels like i have been away for so long, and it will take me forever to catch up with the bfp's and everything, but congratulations to all those who have got theirs!! And fingers crossed to all still trying for this month!!

Anyway, no doubt once im back to some kind of normality i'll be around just as much as before!!

Special congratulations to my UC girlies, Michhopefulmummy, Lemon Cupcake, Gracie19 and Hodgeysdorris on their bfps!! So, so chuffed for you!!! image


  • Hi, just thought I'd post and say hi. I hope you enjoyed your trip, its great that you are so positive. I'm moving at the end of this month so I think ttc will be put on hold until Febuaryish. I'll get there eventually!!!! Sending lots of babydust your way xx
  • Hey hun, how are you? Nice to hear from you!! Settled into married life yet?! I bet you are so excited about moving, and February really isn't that far away.

    I have positive days and not so positive ones... usually depends where in my cycle i am but at the end of the day there's not really much i can do about things. I had very much hoped i would be one of the lucky ones who fell first time, but that wasn't to be so now i just have to wait and see. I have some lovely ladies in the same boat to help me through image

    I see you're going to be disconnected for a while so will catch up when you get settled!! x
  • Married life has been great so far, I'm a bit stressed about moving. I feel more grown up at the thought of having a mortgage than I do about having dd or being married! Its quite scary!!

    I think we all secretly think we will catch first time, but its not been that long that you have been trying. You will get there. I will send sack loads of PMA your way. You never know, by the time I'm back you could have your BFP!!! Good luck xx
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