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yeah Ella!

Ella cut her first tooth today and how excited were we!!!! She had been a bit grumpy the past couple of days and her nappies have been awful, now I know why. She was staying with her granny and grampa last night and when we went to pick her up, she was chewing her hands like mad. I had a feel and there was her first tooth! You'd think we were the first parents that it has happened to lol. One down, many more to go hee hee.



  • hehehehhehe we managed to feel a bit of ciaras today, cant see it yet but i can definitly feel it tryin to poke through!!!!! so exciting
  • I know exactly how you feel! This morning I spotted a little kind of blister / bubble / white spot on Theo's lower gum. He's been really rosy cheeked the last couple of days (I thought it was the cold weather - which it might have been!). Otherwise though he's been fine. He's been chewing everything in sight for months so nothing new there!
  • My Amber has 2 teeth now at this rate she,ll be on steak next month lol x
  • Aww, Oliver cut his first tooth on saturday image so exciting! But theyre sharp litle things when your trying to bf image
  • Amber has 3 know i cant keep up shes like jaws lol x
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