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Finger foods?


Is everyone doing finger foods? I gave Jax some broccoli the other day, expecting him to play with it, but he took to it like a pro! The whole thing went right into his mouth! I also gave him some baby corn, which looked like an octopus leg hanging out of his mouth, e enjoys it, but I get scared and take it off him pretty soon after I've given him it! What's everyone else giving their LO's?xx


  • Hey !!!
    my lo much prefers t feed herself .. she loves bread (i just cut it into strips with no crust)
    cooked soft carrot
    little rice cakes ( but says from 7 months but i just keep an eye)
    pear (cooked)

    dont think ive tried anything else for her to hold yet !!
  • good post! I've not really persevered with finger foods but am about to try and didn't really know where to start. I'm going to try Ella with some carrot later today. I'm hoping she'll figure it out quickly since she puts everything in her mouth anyway!
  • I want to start as Caleb grabs his spoon and feeds himself (and his nose and ears) so I think he will be ok. What is the best thing to start with?
  • I started with Organix carrot stick things, just to see what he done with them. Since then, I've given him broccoli, baby corn, the crust off a bit of bread, a rusk, baby rice cake, a chunk of banana and let him have a go of an apple I was eating the other day (I couldn't get peace to enjoy it, he kept gazing lovingly at it!!)

    I spoke to HV today and she says now he's almost 6 months (on Tuesday) I can give him anything, but jst to watch the salt content on things like tinned soups ect. I'm really excited now, she reassured me that babies have a really strong gag reflex to protect their airways and just to relax when giving him finger foods. I can't wait to see him with a mini Christmas dinner!!xx
  • I've started giving oliver the organix carrot sticks the other day. I did wonder when they're allowed to start having cheese as my nephew who is 8 months has sticks of cheese and he loves it...i may try him with broccoli though as he loves his broccoli and cauliflower purees
  • the organix things are great, and the first successful finger food we've had - although i tried the sweetcorn rings. i had initially tried sticks of banana and mango but they were too slippery for him and kept slithering out of his grasp which frustrated him. the organix are dry enough for him. Since then he's also had a dried apricot and some hunks of cheese but they were difficult to chew so i might try coarsely grating the cheese and letting him pick that up and see if he can stuff it in his mouth!
  • hey girls i bought a new little contraption lol. . . Its a handle loop and a little net at the end i put banana in it and Morgan can feed herself as it comes through the little holes all mashed up! So dont have to worry about her choking on lumps
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