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fao Melissa

Hey hun - where are you? You FB profile has disappeared and I'm pretty sure I didn't offend you so you blocked me... LOL
Not seen you on here in ages but I might have missed you Iguess.
Hope everything's OK. please get in touch when you get a minute as I'm worried about you.....

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  • Seraphina i was just thinking about Melissa before i read your post as not seen her around for a while. Hope all is ok hun. xx
  • Hi Ladies,

    There was an FAO Melissa one day last week too and another lady replied and said that she thought that she was working in Asia and that she tends to not come online when she is working away, often for weeks or months if I remember rightly - think it was Tink that posted it...

    Seraphina I'm sure when she is back she will be hunting you down to see how you're getting on with your pregnancy :\) hope all is well x
  • Hi seraphina ive not been on foe a while. Have i read thet correct?? Did you get yout BFP??

    Yeah I knew she was going away but she's usually still on FB too.. hope she's OK:\?
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