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really please

hi ladies, well i dont know what is going on this month i have lost total track of my cycle.
My last cycle was 33 days which is very unusual for me as i always have a 28 day cycle. My last period started on the 2nd nov so if i go back to having a normal 28 day cycle i should have ovulated this week (around tues). However, i have no sign of ov what so ever. I have tested with opk's (cheap dip stick ones from internet) Last fri there was a 2nd line nearly as strong as the test line, but i thought that was a little strange as was only on day 12 of my cycle, since then i have had no 2nd lines to speak of. Also i have had no ewcm at all, so if i did ov last friday that would be also strange as i have been as dry as a bone (sorry tmi!!) I always get some ewcm around ov. We have bd about 3 times over last 7 days, would it be possible that we have done it with this type of cycle and maybe thats why i have no ewcm?? I know i may be clutching as straws but this month is so strange. Your thoughts please...if you follow the above!!! its all so confusing!
anna xx

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  • ok ladies, how strange...after writing the above post i went to the toilet and guess what....lots of ewcm, hahaha my body must have listened to my concerns!! i guess my body has decided to have longer cycles.
    So when should i expect a positive ovulation stick???
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