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confused rant

hi guys
i don't have any questions or anything i just feel like getting how I'm feeling down might help. its been a month tomorrow since we lost what we were so happy to have. we decided to jump right back in so to speak and i think that's why I'm so confused. we were very quick to fall. on the first attempt in-fact. so there was no tracking ov or temps. anyway I'm sort of rambling on a bit. so i started to check for ov which i think happened about 12 days ago. then on Monday i had very slight spotting when i wiped sorry tmi. nothing for the rest of the day and then the same one Tuesday. nothing since. I'm sort of wondering well maybe hoping that its implantation bleeding. i did a test that was negative today. i knew i should not have as its just made me feel even worse but i couldn't help myself. maybe its too early or i just want it to much. i have no idea of my cycle as before ttc i had a coil and hardly ever had a full on period. before that i was never regular. i could be having a longer cycle but who knows. sorry for my depressed rant but it helps me to think.
well anyway here's hoping


  • Sorry 2 hear ur feeling down hun and Im sorry 2 hear of ur loss, big hugs!! It could be an implantation bleed hun and 12 dpo is early 2 get a BFP. Everything crossed for you xx
  • nothing really to add, apart from maybe have a blood test at docs?
    fingers crossed xxxxxxxxx
  • Bless your heart. Perhaps you should wait for a few more days and test again? It may have been too early to tell.

    Sending you a big internet hug.

  • didnt want to read and run hun...heres a hug for you *hug*
  • thanks for all the hugs. if i get bfn in a wek or no af i might go to the doc's but they don't like paying for thngs that they don't deam nesserary. but we shall see. i'm not going to test again untill weds if i can behave myself.
    thanks again to you all
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