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Wow - ace site explaining why sometimes we don't get our bfp

I haven't been on BE for a while, but found the site below and thought I should log on and share. I hope everyone is well.

I know some people are aware of the Dr. Amy site, but I thought I'd post this link. We're on month 4 of ttc and I sometimes find myself wondering why we haven't yet been lucky, even though we've 'done all the right things'. I found this animation and it has really helped me understand why it doesn't always work - and, quite importantly, why I am best waiting for a missed AF instead of testing early.

I hope it helps you too - if anything, it makes me feel a bit better about months 1-3 and stops worrying that there might be something wrong!! So, I'll sit back, relax and enjoy ttc again...

Babydust to all.

Tipi (used to be **TB**)


PS. There's also other animations on what happen when we do conceive, AF happen etc etc!

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