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2ww plus CBFM question

hi girls,

i'm now 4DPO and already fed up on this 2ww! No symptoms yet (although not bothered as there weren't last time i was pg til i got a BF and then (.)(.) were rly sore.)

i had a mc in oct and have had one af since then. we started the cbfm this month and got 3 highs, 2 peaks and the high again. We BD'd on all highs and peaks except the final high after the peaks as we were away with friends at the weekend. Do you think that will affect our chances or have we made up for it with almost a whole week of BD before hand, including both peaks?

also, for anyone reading who has used teh cbfm - how long did it take you to get pg once you started using the cbfm??

thanks everyone xx


  • Hi Emily

    I got my BFP on my 2nd cycle of using my CBFM and it was my 6th cycle TTC.
    I didnt BD on the high after my peaks either.... i'd had enough by then! So i think all the BDing you did in the run-up to the Peaks will defo help u get your BFP! So keep that up even if you're not successful this month.

    Good luck.

  • Ah thanks Broody, that gives me hope! I figured we're fairly safe but you just never know. I know if we dont get pg this month that i'll regret not BDing on that high after the peaks!

    Really hope this is it!

    Congrats on your BFP - you must be so excited!! xx
  • That high after the peaks is an automatic response that the CBFM would give you even if your OH peed on the stick and put it in the reader (ha ha) so dont blame yourself for missing that coz the chances are that's too late anyway.

    Thanks hun - yeah i am very excited... along with constant worrying that something bad will happen! Argghhh!! xx
  • What's a CBFM?

    A Clearblue Fertility Monitor - best little device in the world in my opinion! :\)

  • Yeah I thought it was an automatic response so not too worried.

    The CBFM has been brilliant in that it's taken all the guesswork out for OV so I know exactly when I'm due on and how many DPO I am.

    thanks again. x
  • I've just bought a CBFM from ebay. I'm due to ovulate Friday, so I hope it arrives before then so I can have a play * excited*
  • Cool - it's a good investment!
    arls0308 - you know you have to start using it at the start of your cycle yeah? It won't work by starting just before OV. Sorry to dampen your excitment. It's still fun to get and read all the instructions for next time though!
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