how long ttc?!

This is our first month ttc and i'm very excited!! - and impatient image
Just wondered how long everyone had been ttc?! xx


  • Getting on for four months now but can't do much by way of date counting and monitoring as no AF since coming off BCP!
    Fingers crossed it happens for all of us soon xx
  • hi hun, with my first i conceived same month i finished the pill. this time round we are 6 months but only 5th cycle. good luck hun, hope you dont have to wait to long for your
  • 3 months for us and I am very impatient too xx
  • 2 months for us, and am in the 2WW! Not a happy bunny! :x lol!
  • 2WW??? sorry!! new to all this!
  • 2 week wait hun, its the wait between ovulation and your period (af coming), i think there is an abbreviations page somewhere will see if i can find it.xx
  • 2WW= the 2 week wait. the gap between ovulation and date period is due/preg testing. somewhere on the forum index near the top one of the forums has a thread telling you what all the abbreviations mean. you'll get used to it all soon!
  • hihun, if you click on forum index then on chat room rules you will see the thread in red its about 3rd or 4th down i
  • cheers guys!!
    anyone using ov sticks? how you getting on with them?
  • i use them on and off, but as you start to know your cycles you will get other symptoms of ov. you should just chill and do lots of bdancing at least for the first month and see how you go, you never know you could be lucky.xx
  • Hi, i'm new here and this is my first post image

    I'm in my 2nd month now ttc, i'm due on any day from about Sunday and until today i actually thought i was in with a chance, but now i'm not so sure. Just my body playing tricks i think image

    I have had 3 miscarriages in the past so i'm hoping i'll be luckier this time around.

    Everything seems to be against us, i have a history of problems and my oh works away so getting the timing right isn't exactly easy!

    Anyway i thought i'd join in here to see if you can give me hope image
  • We started TTC in June and fell pg in August (3rd cycle). Had mc in Oct and are now on 2nd cycle since mc. Used CBFM this month so hoping it will help!?
  • 3rd month actively ttc, 5th month if you count the ones we stopped being 'careful'!! It's an exciting time, and a scary one, nervous one, mind-boggling one... welcome to ttc!!! xx
  • Where to begin, we started ttc in January 2008, fell pregnant in March 2009 (started using cheapie ov sticks). My son was stillborn in Sept at 27 weeks, so now on my 2nd cycle of ttc again and back to the ov sticks as they did it for us last time.
    Good luck hun, xx
  • I'm now on cycle 11 image

    With my DD I fell pregnant whilst on the pill (microgynon) and with my twins I fell pregnant the first month off the pill after a very short (2 days) withdrawal bleed)

    In the time I've been trying I've had 3 chemical pregnancies. Officially I'm taking this month off so I'm not temping/charting, not using opk's or keeping an active check on my CM.

    I do however have a pretty regular cycle (fortunately) so I am aware that I *should* ovulate sometime over this weekend - hubby doesn't know though - so hopefully will make for good, non pressurised baby dancingimage
  • Hay, I have been ttc to long :lol: ttc #2
    I am on month 15 image
    Have had 2 mc in that time

    Good Luck Hope you dont have a long stay xxxxxxx

    Gems xx
  • TBL = Too Bloody Long!!!!

    Last april we stopped being careful and fel in the July. Unfortunately ended up in a missed micarriage. Held of till Jan/feb before trying again as couldn't face it and still flipping waiting!

    It's doing my head in!!!!

    Good luck to you hun xxx
  • It's my first month ttc and I'm on the 2ww...I'm soooo impatient!!

    Good luck xx
  • Hello! I am on 7th month of TTC and using CBD OV sticks and started temping this month too. The waiting is driving me mad as soooooo many of our friends, work people etc keep announcing their BFPs, just want it to be me!! Good luck and babydust to all!! xxx
  • Hi i am on month 6 off TTC #2!!

    fell whilst on the pill with my 1st had my coil taken out and well 6 months on and i am in the 2WW AGAIN!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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