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Swine Flu Jab

Anyone's little ones having the Swine Flu jab? Paul is elligable as a priority group and I have asked the surgery about it, they wanted us to go in tomorrow but he's had a temp for a couple of days so I won't get anything like that done unless he is well.

just wondered if anyone's kids have had it, any side affects etc?


  • Not had it through yet, Isaac is not a priority and I must admit I dont know what I will do when his comes through, having said that, I have had swine flu and it is awful, I also developed bronchitis as a complication of it and I still have a bad cough now 6 weeks on. I wouldnt think they will do it if he has a temp though x
  • No I'm not getting it done this week we'll have to wait till beginning of Dec, but I had to telephone my GP to find out if he was one of the priority groups rather than them contacting me. I'm sure I'd be a priority too but in a quandry as to whether to get it myself, husband thinks I should sounds horrid
  • It is awful, I couldnt even get up for 3 days , even getting out of bed to go to the toilet or get more tablets was like mission impossible, I was coughing so much that I kept passing out and I honestly felt so ill I thought I would die, I don't have any real major health issues that put me into a priority group although I do need an inhaler in the summer if the pollen count is high. Trouble is now that I have had bronchitis that will be me for the winter, every cough I get will turn into a chest infection image
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