Why is this....?

Hi ladies,

Hope you can help.

I've been using OPK's for the last week or so as I'm on CD23 of my first cycle since stopping the pill at the end of Sept 09 and have no idea when I ovulate or cycle lengths.

I'm using IC's to test and always get a dark control line, sometimes I also get a light test line, but other times I only get the control line!? Very odd!

Anyone had the same experience? Any ideas?

I've also got REALLY sore nipples at the mo and LOTS of green veins on them so not sure if that's a sign of OV?

Any help would be appreciated! Baby dust to you all!

Thanks x


  • Hi Donna,

    You need to really work out how long your cycle length is. Once you have worked this out, you can use an ovulation calculator to work out roughly when you would ovulate. For e.g. I have a 30 day cycle, you usually ov 14 days before your next period is due, so you would ov approx CD16. I would use the test sticks before that though, I started at CD10, as some women can ov earlier or later than others.

    As I have learnt it is best to use evening urine for ov testing, and do this at the same time every day if possible. When are you testing?

    If you have managed to get two lines it would indicate that you were ovulating, if afterwards you now only have a control line would mean that ovulation has ended but it all depends on when in the day you have been testing. Dont use first morning urine though as your testing wouldn't be accurate.

    I hope this helps


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  • Thanks Mrslolly. I though the test line had to be the same colour or darker than the control line for it to be a positive? I've been testing arond 4.30 pm but I may try evening urine to see if that makes a difference.
    Thanks again for your reply xxx
  • I think the best time is any time until 8pm or so I have read - the later the better, ensure you are not drinking / going to the toilet 3-4 hours before testing though cos apparently this affects the urine sample too.

    As long as there is a line its a positive. What brand are you using? Do they have a website that could explain the indicators better maybe? xx
  • I'll have a look on the packet to see if there's a website, thanks. xx
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