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common sense v health and safety

I was in Sainsburys cafe today with Isaac, we were having luch, I decided to have soup and Isaac had a lunch box, anyhow he ws sat nest to me being good eating his luch when all of a sudden he just put his hand on the side of my bowl and tipped it all over his hand and arm, well he screamed and luckily i was with a frien who grabbed some tissues and wiped the hot soup off him, I grabbed him out of the chair and ran to the and told the lady he had just burnt his arm and I needed a cold compress to cool it down, she ran into the kichen then came out and said she couldnt give me anything becuase she was not a first aider image she said they were phoning the first aider, I yelled but he needs cold water on it NOW, she was obviously embarrased and I could tell she was upset, then this other lady came out of the kitchen to tell me that the first aiders werent answering the phone and she would go and find one, all this time Isaac is sobbing and his arm and hand were bright red, I waited for what seemed like forever then just said right I am going into the toilets to put cold water on it myself when she informed me that they only have hot water in the toilets, eventually after about 5 mins the first aider came down and then took me into the kitchen and gave me some cold compress and bought me some ice. Luckily Isaac is fine and his arm is just a tiny bit pink now. I can sort of see the point that a first aider has to deal with it but surely common sense has to prevail and in the case of a burn getting cold water on it straight away is important, lucky it was only soup which had cooled down, if it had been a cup of tea or coffee and we had waited that long for a cold compress, not only would he have been in unimaginable pain but it would also have blistered and maybe even left him scarred. Health and safety in my opinion has its place but on this occasion it was totally ridiculous.


  • poor you, I hope Issacs are is fine this morning.
    I tell you people these days are so worried about being taken to personal injury court etc that they follow procedure to the letter even in an emergency.
    Common sense obviously didnt prevail here and she either paniced and got flustered or was simply stupid.
    Well done you though for making sure they did the right thing(in the end) Most places wont let you into the kitchen no matter what!!!!
    dd1 spilt freshly poured black coffee on herself in a costa coffee shop when she was nearly 2 ( completely shocking as it was on a table as we walked past...not even my coffee!!) and the refused point blank to let me round the back to a cold water tap and told me to go to the shopping centers first aid room(which was closed! so had to use a public toilet!)...I was fuming at their response.

  • H&S and PC have gone MAD the make things more danderous nor safer!! grrrrr Sorry for the rant
    I would write and complain. I don't know how people can hear a lo cry and not just get him some cold water?
    I hope Isaac is none the worse for his ordeal.
  • Thanks ladies, he is fine now and none the worse for his ordeal, I am still mad though I am going to write to their head office and tell them what I think, probably wont get me anywhere but it will make me feel a lot better x
  • Mad!!!! I would have ran it under the coke machine or proured something out the fridge. I get a bit nasty and mad when someone is been stupid and \I know \i would have been over the top and probably got

    Glad he is ok. PC gone mad!!!
  • I nkow dee, I was mad with myself for not thinking of that one at the time, if it had been anyone elses child I would have just run to the fridge, grabbed a bottle of water and tipped it over him making sure it went all over the floor so they had to clear it up, but becuase it was Isaac I panicked.
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