Im new please help!

I am new to this and don't understand any of it! I have looked up all the abbreviations so I know what they are, but how do I work out my cycle? How do you all know when you ovulate? can anyone explain how I work it out or a good site that will help?
I have one month to try before my husband starts radiotherapy so kinda need to get it right!
Thanks all


  • i hun, it could be worth your while buying some opk's, clearblue ones are quite expensive but i find them the most simple to use. do you know how many days between each
  • hi and welcome.
    I've charted all my periods on and it tells you roughly when you'll ovulate. But if you need to be more precise maybe try the opk's as angel100 said.
    good luck x
  • MyMonthly Cycles is good, as is Fertility Friend for charting. As the others have said, the easiest way to start is to buy some OPK's and start using them about 8-10 days from day 1 of your cycle. Or about a week before MMC or FF say that you're due to ovulate (I ovulated on Monday this month and was actually due to ov tomorrow (so missed bd-ing on ov day) so it's worth keeping check.

    Fingers crossed
  • thanks ladies!! will check this out, its all fun and games isnt it
  • Hi Looby, the other ladies on here have given some good advice so I've nothing to add other than welcome to BE and hope you have lots of baby dust coming your way! xx
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