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the frustration is doing my head in

its been a light relief in the last 2 weeks, we house sat for a friend and it took my mind away from my own life.... but i am home now and wanna ttc all over again. Urgh.

We have some very minor overdrafts to clear (literally nothing to fret over) but i quit my job 2 months ago as I couldnt cope with the stress and havent found anything since. But I want a job... anything, to make some money to put aside for baby husband earns way enough for everything else.... and will do after i have baby as his pay only goes up each year so i'd only need the job for about a year or so...but i cant find anything!!! Argh. Stressed, the longer i wait the longer i have to be without ttc. Also I dont know whether to work there long enough to qualify for maternity pay... which is rubbish anyway.

Oh dear, this is long and dull, sorry!



  • Hi Rosemary,
    I understand your frustration. I left my job a couple of years ago because it was very stressful. It took me 7 months to find something else. However I did think it was important to me to find a job before we started to ttc. My husband also earns enough to support us and he is quite willing too but I don't think he should have to bear that responsibility on his own. We are a team. I also think as an individual I have to look to the future and need a job so that I can put into a pension etc. I am not saying it is going to be easy and I am definitely not looking forward to juggling child care arrangements and coordinating demands of a job if we are lucky enough to get pg but I think it has to be done.
    Your circumstances might be slightly different to mine but my advice would be to keep trying to get a job as it will benefit you in the long term.
    P.S. Have you considered volunteering? I volunteered with the wrvs at our local hospital. It helped my morale and kept me busy. It is also always a good thing to have your cv
  • Yeh I was thinking volunteering would be good if i dont find anything.
    I don't really want to be out of work for too long, but its finding something that won't make me depressed again. Which is hard.

    I do want a job to save money for baby and then have it on hold while i bring up baby... and then have it as something i can do after baby is grown up... if u know what i mean?xx
  • Hi,although i have two already i do want another so kinda know how you feel.You say you want to find somewere first then ttc.I started a new job an got pregnant not long after that,you have to work at at job for 26 weeks before the 28 weeks of pregnancy. so its only two weeks. i think i was my job about a month before an got at pay from them i worked at tescos.a girl there got pregnant the week she started an didnt qulify.
  • Maternity pay is so weird, I just dont understand it, in a way I kinda dont want to bother and to just leave at like 7 months or whatever. Our plan is I just put every months money away as baby fund till I leave. This is the plan.... I need the job first! Eeeek its worrying, theres so little.
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