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so proud

I am so proud of my little Molly, she has self weaned off the breast at 14 months image

I am a little sad also since i won't breastfeed again but am so proud that she decided when SHE has had enough.

it is amazing when they hit the 1 year stage how quickly they change and grow up!

She has grown into such a beautiful little lady!

Sorry pointless post but wanted to share x x


  • Aw, she's growing up quickly! It's amazing that you bf for so long and let her choose when to wean herself off, you should be so proud of yourself.

  • Congratulations, you have every right to be proud of yourself and Molly, you've done a great job. It's obviously the right thing for both of you that she's finished now, so hopefully it makes it a little easier emotionally!

  • thanks girls, my son breastfed for 11 months and i really wanted Molly to reach the year mark and was pleased when she went past it. She is my last baby so a little sad also but know that i have given her a great start in life.

    I just have to remember not to take in the extra calories now!!! No excuse for not starting the diet now either :lol:

    x x
  • Aww that's so lovely to read. Especially as I'm hoping my lo (8 months) will do the same. My son was also bf until 11 months but I had to stop due to hyperemesis during my second pregnancy. I was so sad! I would like to bf Nina for a year, or a little longer and so so want her to self wean rather than have to wean her off myself.

    Well done Molly! x
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