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Question about CBFM

Hi all

Just on my 1st cycle using CBFM and on day 6 so started poas today. It was a high straight away is that normal for the 1st cycle?? I've read that it can take a couple of cycles to get used to you but wasn't expecting a high today thought it would be a low??



  • ooooh I'm on my first month of CBFM and still getting lows on CD10 as I expected. Are your cycles usually quite short? x
  • Hi BroodyBeth, my cycles are on average 27 days. Ah thats interesting yours are lows then I thought it was high as it was my first time of using it.
  • I do remember reading posts where ladies have had like 15 or more highs before peaks (can't remember who or if it was their first month but I remember reading it :lol: ) so it may just be getting used to you. Have you done anything to pinpoint ov before? It may be that you will get your peak day 10/11ish and OV quite early and have a slightly longer LP?

    I've used OPK's before and based on them I am expecting my peak between CD13 and CD15 but the CBFM is much more accurate so I might find its totally different...

    I'd just go with it hun and see what happens, good luck image xx
  • I only used the opks once last month and I think it was cd16 I had the surge.

    Think I will just go with it as you said, my poor dh is going to be tired this month lol

    Thanks hun good luck too xx
  • Hi this has also been my first month of using the CBFM. I had highs from CD9 to CD13 then two peaks and a high on CD16. The rest were lows.

    I think it may work different for each one of us. I would take this month as a trial then next month it'll have a better idea how your cycle works.

    Good luck. xx
  • Hiya girls
    Wondering how you're all getting on with your CBFM. This is my first month using and I'm CD 6. First poas and came out low! So far so good as have 35 day cycle and think I ov about day 21. Know sometimes can take monitor a month or so to work out what's going on! Would be good to see how your first month going!
  • Hey JenJen1,

    I had lows CD6-CD13. Highs CD14-CD16. Peaks CD17 & CD18 and a High again today (CD19).

    My cycles have been quite irregular, last 3 have been 28-30days so I thought they were settling down (not been on pill or anything so no reason for them to be irregular really) but before that they were 32-36 days so think I must be due a longer one with the peaks being so late. When I used OPK's I got +'ves CD13 & 14 so there's a few days difference.

    I'm definitely feeling more positive using the CBFM as I think it's supposed to be more accurate than the OPK's.

    Good luck to you hun, I'm hoping to see lots of xmas BFP's image Including my own of course :lol: x
  • Thanks Broody Beth!

    Still low and cd8. Really looking forward to a high or peak! Hopefully it will tie in when I'm expecting it! Then again not getting hopes up!
    This is our first month trying so I'm so excited! Hopefully see some BFPs too!
    Am kind of feeling in control using CBFM...Know you never really are with this much as I can be eh! x
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