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I'm new!!!

Hey Ladies!

I'm new to the site but I have been reading for a while!

Me and my OH are planning to start TTC in the new year and I can't wait. Also really worried about the amount of time it might take to get PG. I can't help planning for it to happen straight away!

anyway just wanted to say hello!


  • Welcome!

    This site is brilliant, I have so much advice and the ladies are lovely!
  • Welcome to the site
  • Welcome hun, great name by the way.
  • Thanks for the welcome!
    I'm sure I'll be asking lots of questions, it's like a whole new language on here!

  • Hi MrsCake!

    I am new here as well. I'm planning to get my contraceptive implant taken out in January and then see what happens... Anyway, as a fellow newbie planning on this at the same kind of time I just thought I would say hello and good luck! It's a very exciting time isn't it?! :\)
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