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Urgent qu...uncertain BFP

Hi ladies,

I'm 10DPO and was starting to get impatient so POAS this morning. However i was so impatient that I only peed for 2/3 seconds on it as didn't really need the toilet (superdrug HPT) and thought it'd be too dry so just put it back in the box and was gutted as then thought nothing of it. So didn't wait the 3 mins for developing.

Anyway, checked it this afternoon, just in case, expecting BFN as I hardly peed and I'm only 10DPO and there's a faint line in the 2nd box where it should be! I realise this could be an evap line and shouldn't read reult after 10mins (it was about 5 hours later!) but it was definitely there!

I've had really sore boobs and definitely BD at thr right times as we used CBFM for the first time. I had a mc 2 months ago at 7 weeks and so remember symptoms quite well.

Not sure i can wait till morning to do another test so might do another tonight, i just can't find the pee! Want to make sure im busting to go before I do so I don't make same mistake as this morning.

So trying not to get hopes up...what are your thoughts?! xx


  • Hi honey. When i got my first BFP i did a further 3 tests during the day and tey all came up BFP so just try again. I was 12 dpo tho. Good luck x x
  • fingers crossed for you!!!! here's to a very fast day, so you can try again with fmu
  • ooih fingers crossed, is the line pinky or grey?
  • the line was pink which was what made me feel hopeful. hadn't had a drink either when i did the test although it wasn't fmu either. Did a superdrug test last night and it was BFN and then a CBD this morning with fmu and said 'not pregnant'. was totally gutted but am still only 11DPO so am going to completely leave it now till Fri when af will be late. Grrrrrr......i really hate all this waiting!!
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