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A few questions...

Hi ladies,

as you probably I know I had a mc last week and I just have a few questions if you don't mind;

1) How long should I expect to bleed for from my mc (sorry I know its TMI but I didn't know how else to put it!)
2) How long will it roughly be then until my next AF?
3) When are we able to start TTC again?

Thanks so much



  • 1) depending on the way you had a mc. If it happened naturally it can take quite a bit of time, but I am not sure how much. With a mmc it differs greatly, but I only had 3 days of bleeding, than nothing and a bit more a day later.

    2) They normally say between 4-6 weeks. Some of the girls on here have had an af after 8 weeks though.

    3) Doctors will say wait a period. They do say that for dating purpose of a next pregnancy. If there were no complications in your pregnancy though there is no medical reason why you have to wait till after your first af. Emotional it can vary. Sometimes you want to start again, sometimes you don't. Sometimes you want time to grief other times you might not and think that ttc will help you along.
  • Hi Rainbow,

    First of all I'm really sorry to hear about your miscarriage. There's no hard and fast rules to anything, but this is my experience. I miscarried at 10 weeks. I don't know when the baby actually died as it was measuring slightly small but it was somewhere between 7.5 weeks (I had a scan) and 10 weeks. This was back in august. I didn't have any medical management, everything passed naturally.

    1) I bled for about 10/11 days in total, and after the initial loss of the sac and the bulk of the pregnancy tissue, this was largely like a heavy period.
    2) My AF arrived 32 days later and I've had 32 day cycles ever since. This is actually more regular than my cycles were before I fell pg!
    3) We started straight away, despite being told to wait one month. The general rule is that you're told to wait one month. This is to make sure that the hormone is completely out of your system and to help date the next pregnancy. However, if you test when you ovulate then this isn't really necessary.

    A lot of women have different experiences. I used a CBFM in my first cycle and was reassured that my cycle was back to normal, but for some women it can take longer.

    Hope that helps. I know how difficult it is at first but it does get easier. I would add that I'm glad we didn't fal pregnant first cycle as it gave us chance to grieve and get a sense of normality back. That said, we're now on cycle 4 after the miscarriage and I'm getting sick of waiting!!!!!!!

    Becky x
  • hi rainbow, again sorry to hear of your loss
    1) i agree with breighlin,i had a d&c and it took about one and a half weeks for the bleeding to stop completley.

    2) my AF showed up at 25days post d&c, i have also heard of ladies getting AF between 4-8wks,a few at 9wks

    3)it was alittle diffrent for me due to the partial molar preg.,but the doctors i know say to wait untill after your first period that way you can date and also insure that your uterine lining has had a chance to restore itself for another bean!
    *hugs* kari
  • 1) my MC passed naturally. I had 14days of fairly heavy bleeding. day 2 bean was still alive with heart beat. day 4 started to get pain and clots, had 4 days of quite nasty pain. day 9 repeat scan showed bean was gone. total was 14days

    2) my gap was 33 days, this was counting from the day the pain and clots started, which I 'count' as the day I MC'd, tho like the others have said some ladies have been much longer.

    3) the leaflet I was given said to wait til had one AF, but the doc told me when I had rpt bloods 8 days after confirmed MC and my hCG level was back to normal that it was safe to ttc again then

  • Thanks for your replies ladies.

    I should have said, my mc passed itself. I'm now on day 7 of 'flow' and its been quite light for the last couple of days, I'm not sure if that's what's supposed to happen?

    Thanks again, I really wasn't sure.

  • i bled for 2 weeks but i was 12 weeks preg when i mc, i ov'd 6 weeks later and af 2 weeka after that. we started bd straight away, well 3 weeks after mc. xx
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