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Another FAO Tasha

I have managed to save some pictures in photo bucket, but how do i get it on the post, i have tried copying the html code into my signature box, but it just comes up with witting!


  • Hiya!!

    Click the button to generate the code then it gives you lots of choices depending where you want to post your pics ie email facebook forums etc.

    I was trying to find one that gives you a link to all the pics like Claire did it but couldn't find one so i chose the code that says something like thumbnail pics for message boards. Copy the code then simply post it in your message just like you would a link.

    I hope that helps if you stuggle get back to me (will leave comp on)! and i'll go on the site and give it a try!

    Good luck can't wait to see your pics!! xx
  • Thanks Tasha,
    Have managed it!
  • I saw them they're fab!! Well done! This way if the kids do anything funny we can take a pic and show everyone!!

    God, i'm addicted!! xx
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