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Temperature Question - very confused!

Hi my lovelies, I need your help again!

When monitoring your temp, do you have to take it in the morning? I took my temp just now and its the same as it was last night 37 C (thats high for me). If I was due AF tomorrow would it have dropped by now? Or is me taking my temp in the eveing wrong? It was 36.6 this morning.

So new to this and have a very confused brain! I even forgot my own address on Friday - slightly worrying! Lol! :lol:


  • Hi Cass- I'm pretty sure you want first morning temps- before you even get up, pee, brush your teeth or anything- I take mine as soon as I open my eyes- keep the therm on your nightstand so it is right there- I'm in same boat as you- I am due af tomorrow and this am my temp is still up? I was hoping that was a good thing? also, thanks for sending the hugs- i really appreciate it!!- hope af stays away for both of us!!!!
  • Thats ok chook! Will be keeping fingers crossed for you too!!! It might be our lucky month?! We should get medals for all this PMA!

    I will take my temp every morning from now on! My poor DH was very confused as to why I kept taking my temperature, he was worried that I was coming down with the flu! Lol! image
  • Hey Cass - definitely in the morning!!!! BBT stands for Basal Body Temp which basically translates to mean your 'at rest' temperature - so you need to be taking your temp AS SOON AS you wake up, before you even get out of bed. Once you get up or have a drink it changes your temp so it's really important to do it first thing. I keep my thermometer on my bedside table so I don't have to move to reach it : )

    Good luck with it!!.x.
  • Oops just saw that Ally had already replied! Oh and Ally - it's definitely a good thing that your temp is up - mine started dropping a couple of days before AF arrived and the day she arrived my temp had gone below my coverline that morning. Obviously it might just mean your AF is late...but fingers crossed you might have a bean in there!!!.x.
  • I know the crazy things we do while ttc!!! I try not to tell hubby everything- he would just think I was crazy!!! ha ha!!!
  • Lol!

    Thanks Trixie, I can't rely on temps now! Bugger!

    I now have AF type cramps, although it could just be my lower back really hurting. I did promise DH that I would stop ss'ing, but its soo addictive!

    Theres me thinking that all you have to do is bd a few times, lol! :lol:
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