Hello - a cautious introduction from me

Hi there,

I've ummed and ahhed about whether or not to come here but I'm now taking the plunge and just wanted to introduce myself. I've met some of you already on the miscarriage forum so hi again!

I've been nervous about coming on here as I don't want to get too hung up with TTC. TBH, I'd love to not even think about being pg next time for the first trimester but I know I'll be completely obsessed when it does happen (e.g. have I killed the baby because I've had a strong coffee / got stressed at work / other daft things etc.)

This is my story: I had a mmc a couple of months ago and had the ERPC on 22nd September. I was 8 weeks and it's my second mmc. I had a mmc in April 2007 as well which, I must admit, was way more traumatic as I was 12 weeks and it was my first pg. After that, I got pg again and had a gorgeous healthy boy in March 08.

We've had a couple of months off this time since my most recent mc to give my emotions time to settle, and I must admit, my mind is in a much better place to start TTC now. I'm still very aware of my pretty poor track record though - only one pg out of three has worked out. I know the GP says I've just been very unlucky, but I can't help bur feel like I'm very prone to mcs. The possiblity of having a third mc fills me with absolute dread and fear.

Anyway, my last AF arrived on 25 November so I figured it would be a brilliant Christmas pressie if we were lucky enough to get pg straight away! If we're not, at least I can have a sherry in the morning on Christmas day and a couple of glasses of wine with my turkey! :\)


  • Hi
    I often come on and read the posts but tonight I thought I would come and say hit. I had a mmc on the 12th October at 10 weeks, it was my first pregnancy too. I waited 5 weeks on AF however it didnt arrive so I took a pregnancy test and got Pregnant 1-2. That was over 2 weeks ago, I took another last week and got 3+ so I guess I am pregnant! Its a shock, I thought it would take a while, so there is no reason why it cant happen for you this month too!
    I had heard that you are more fertile after miscarriage but I dont know if thats true or not. Im just praying that it goes ok this time.
    Keep us updated on how you get on! xx
  • nice to see you again makka,glad you decided to come on in! welcome
  • hi hun

    This is defo the place you wanto be these girlies on here are fab and will always give so much support!!!

    Good luck with this month and baby dust, The Jingle all the way testing thread is great fun and will keep you sane!

    Jodie xx
  • hi makka,
    I remember you from the miscarriage support section, as mine was about a week before yours. I know what you mean about worrying about becoming obsessed with ttc, but tbh I think it's the MC that has made me obsessed not coming on the forum. And I think if I didn't come on here I wouldn't have anyone to talk to about it.

    I really hope we all get our BFP's before xmas, as it'll make it so much easier to get through if we do.

  • just to say hi *waves* and that i have to ditto what Gems said, i was obsessed even before i cam eon here! but it's so helpful hvaing people to speak to who have been through it _ and of course are very lovely! image xx
  • HI Makka Pakka and welcome.

    I had an ectopic in October and am able to start ttc in January. I come on here as it's just a great bunch of people who've shared experiences. I've found it a great help.

    I think it's perfectly natural for you to feel like you do. I am already starting to get really scared knowing that my next period will be my last before ttc again. I'm so scared of having to go through it all again, I think all the ladies on here would say the same.

    I think we're all really brave putting ourselves out there against our fears so we get our lovely little babies! x x
  • Hi MP

    Glad you finally took the plunge & have decided to join us. I know what you mean about getting hung up on ttc but I think with this forum were all at different phases so were not all ttc & come on for a chat & support as well as ttc gossip.

    Your in good hands here & will get all the advice & support you need as well as a giggle every so often!! xxxx
  • Hello Makka Pakka

    I think it is good to share your worries with other people. Having a mc is a dreadful, scary thing, and without support it would be very easy to slip into despair. No, you did not kill your baby. It just happened - it was no-one's fault. And you ARE capable of having a happy healthy baby - your son proves that. Please don't beat yourself up about it any more. You did not cause this to happen, and you have every chance of having another child.

    We are all very supportive here - we don't dwell on the past, but look forward to the future.


  • Hi Makka Pakka - nice to see your heads in a better place. Good luck with TTC and hope to see your BFP announcement soon xx
  • Oh wow! Thanks for the lovely warm welcome guys. Nice to catch up with some of you again.

    Sara - your comments are really poignant. I try not to but still sometimes blame myself for my mmcs which I know is wrong.

    Here's hoping we all get the Christmas present we really want!

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