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Just bought a CBFM

Hi girls,
Congratulations to all that have got their BFP this month, very exciting!!
I have just bought a CBFM, as want to maximise our chances for next month. Has anyone had any success using it? Bit worried because OH will go mad when he finds out how much it cost so need to tell him how much it will increase are chances by!

Anybody else using it?


  • I am 4dpo after using mine for the first month and loved every day of POAS :lol:

    I also used Zestica and don't think that there is much more we could have done. OH has said he is feeling very positive and hopeful that we will be getting our BFP soon image

    It says on the box that its proven to increase conception by up to 89% in the first 2 cycles!

    Good Luck xx
  • Wow! that's a huge increase! We have been TTCing for 7 months now but AF has been very irregular since coming of the pill, so actually no idea when I ovulate, for the past 2 months we have been bding everyday for up to 4 weeks! We were exhausted at the end of the month, and they extremely disappointed when got BFN. Fingers crossed for next month using CBFM x

    Good luck, hope you get BFP soon
  • OMG I can't be doing with BD'ing every night.. We did 3 in a row then had a break and did another one then had a break and another one and since going back to low on the CBFM I haven't been near him :lol:

    If your cycles are irregular you will probably love using it because it's so accurate and simple.

    Good luck to you too, what cycle day are you on? Will you get to use it this cycle? x
  • I'm hoping to be able to use it this month. I'm CD 37, last month I went to CD 45, I'm hoping CBFM will be here before Friday, as I know AF is coming, it's just a matter of time!!
    Fingers crossed CBFM is on quick delivery!
  • Hiya,

    I LOVED my CBFM, I got my BFP on the first month of using it. Unfortunetly, that bean wasn't meant to be, but I think I will use it once I can start TTC again.

  • Sorry to hear that that bean wasn't meant to be, but fingers crossed for the next one! I'm looking forward to using it.
    Might forget to tell OH the price of it though!
    Good luck x
  • You can set it up to CD5 anyway so you will be fine to use it this next cycle x
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