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First Christmas!!!

I'm so excited that this will be our first Christmas together as a 'proper' family, perhaps a touch too excited as i thought about buying Cameron this for the big day

His dad wasn't very impressed with that idea, so then i found this

Funnily enough he didn't like that either, oh well never mind i'll just have to get him some festive bibs instead!!!


  • Mmmmmm......
    Sorry Dawn. I think I have to agree with John.
    A little OTT.
    What about a little santa outfit instead?
    Festive bibs is a great idea though.
  • They are brilliant!!
    I think ignore Daddy and do it anyway, it has to be done!!!

    For Ethans first christmas i put him in a velour Rudolph snowsuit on christmas morning!!!! Amber will be the same age as Ethan was at Christmas so she might wear it too although i really fancy putting her in a red frilly christmas dress!!
  • I did think about a little santa outfit. For the family i've bought cards with a space for a photo, so a little pic of Cameron in a santa suit would look fab.
    Although i still think him dressed as a christmas pudding would be even better!!!!!!
  • It has to be done, he will look soooooooo cute and you can embarress(can't spell) him when he is older!
  • Well that did cross my mind!!!! Can you imagine when he brings his first girlfriend home and i get the album out, or his 18th birthday i could have the picture projected onto the wall!!!!!!! lol
  • I actually have pictures of Ethan wearing a purple flamenco dress and another one of him in a red christmas dress!!!!

    I have a dressing up box full of clothes from when i was a childminder and of course ethan chose to wear the dresses!!!
  • Oh that's brilliant!!!!
    It's good for a young man to be in touch with his feminine side!!!!
  • Oh absolutely, but I think fathers are very conservative when it comes to their sons. My hubbie went mad when I bought Bon a pink buggy from Mothercare. I pointed out that it was a tad unfair to tell him that buggies are for girls but expect him to sit in one. We couldn't find anything really cute for Bon for his first Xmas, he was too small but we did get a Baby's First Xmas top for him to wear. I think maybe the snowman is OTT but the other one is cute.
  • My hubby was the one who actuallt took the photos and he thought it was absolutely hilarious and he never gets funny about Ethan playing with 'girl' toys. However he grew up with three sisters so i think he had no choice but to be in touch with his fimine side!!
  • I have to say that I agree with your hubby, there is NO way on this planet I will be putting Bronwyn in anything that makes her resemble a pudding, reindeer or santa! She will have a pretty frock, which no doubt, Grandma will buy! I have been given some second hand stuff which contains christmas outfits, however I think (thankfully) that she is too big to get into them!
  • It really is each to her own on this one. I think if you have a girl it is easier to make them look cute without resorting to puddings and Santa outfits (Santa is a bloke anyway so why would you?). There is ALWAYS more nice clothes for girls than boys, girls are considered by the powers that be to be fairies and princesses while boys are all rough and tumble thugs judging by the clothes that are available to them in the UK. Shoes are ths same, girls are all pretty and neat, boys look like clown shoes, all multicoloured and resemble trainers. This is one of my pet gripes, you might be able to tell!
  • It's all about personal opinion. I think most babies would look cute in a paper bag. I was in Next and M&S on Friday and there are some fab dressy outfits for boys. In a way I found myself wishing that I had a boy to put in this cute waistcoat and shirt set. It was adorable.

    My little girl already has tracksuits, 3 football shirts/tops and trainers, she certainly won't be dressed up girly all the time! I am a bit of a tomboy myself, although I enjoy wearing skirts and dressing up. I am hoping that Bronwyn will have a nice balance of both types of clothes!
  • I have to say katelin has more tracksuits, jeans and trousers and joggers than she does skirts and dresses.
  • Oh I'm afrad i'm doing my best to turn Amber into a girly girl!!
    She wears trousers but they're always pink frilly ones or jeans with fairies on them and i love putting her in dresses!!!
  • I love those girly dresses, pink and frills. I would go for one of those if I had a girl to dress up. I think there seems to be more choice for girls than boys. Jake will wear jeans or cords and a shirt for Christmas day. He wears jeans and combats alot.

    Jake had a santa outfit for his first Christmas. I didn't buy it, I wasn't that keen but the Grandparnets loved it. Thankfully he was a bit too big for it so was only in it for a quick pic.
  • Gareth will want Bronwyn wearing dresses and girly clothes, although he did buy the footy kits/tops!
    I too love seeing Bronwyn in dresses Tasha, but they are not always pratical or comfy! She has quite good combination of both! I am sure that gareth will want to go shopping when he gets home so no doubt she will end up with more outfits!
  • I agree they can't be that comfy for little babies to wear! She sometimes has what i call a 'comfy day' and she wears trousers and often her very cute 'little sister' top!
  • This debate is really interesting as I am expecting a girl and I have always wondered about the impracticality of a skirt in a buggy with the full harness on. The things I've seen that I really like are babygros with a dress to go over the top. I've kept back a lot of the neutral stuff Bon wore and a few blue things that I still like very much so I think this little girl will be a mix of a girly girl and a tomboy. Whether she will get her own seat at Arsenal like Bon is another matter...!
  • Hiya girls,

    With both of mine they just had nice, party outfits to wear on Christmas Day with a Christmas bib. I get them both to wear a santa hat for a few photo's but then it comes off which is fine. For Jack's first Christmas he had a couple of sleepsuits which were really sweet and looked the part on Christmas morning when he was sat with his presents.

    Zoe x
  • I do have to agree that the snowman outfit is a bit ott, i showed John that one more to wind him up!!!
    I've got some xmas bibs and when i was in Tesco the other day i spotted some sleepsuits, so i'm going to get them!!
    I've already bought him a 'smart' outfit as he'll be getting his photo taken at toddlers in a few weeks, so he can wear that on Christmas day.

    I still think the xmas pud is soooo cute, but luckily for Cameron it's 12 months+ and he'll only be 8 1/2 months.
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