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Hubby thinks he's cracked it! Im not so +ve!

Morning all!

This has been our first month using the CB OPKs and now we have found out i ov at CD16 of a 27 day cycle. We had bd 3 days before ov then twice on CD 16 and once again CD17 and 19. In theory all should be fine but compared to last month when i felt pregnant this month nothing. Few cramps yday and today but ready for AF Saturday so no biggy.

The thing is hubby is convinced we have done it. He doesnt seem to understand that even people like us, who dont smoke, drink in moderation (most of the time), exercise, eat sensibly etc etc still can take ages to conceive.

I'm not having a moan about him but just know he will be disappointed when we get a BFN this month. I know I shouldnt be so down and should be full of PMA but after last month I just think it will happen when it happens!

P.S this negativity has not stopped me looking at baby stuff or looking at which pram i want! I think as long as I am virtual shopping there is no need to worry about me yet!!!


  • When will you be testing hun? Good luck! Xxx
  • When will you be testing hun? Good luck! Xxx
  • Gonna try weds so 3 days early than due date but using FR so supposed to be super sensitive.
  • It sounds to me like you've done good! I got my BFP last week and I didn't feel PG at all. Infact I only done the test cos I thought that once I'd seen the BFN I could just get on waiting for AF to come. And we only done it 3 times last month. (we were kind of having a month off)
    Good luck and let usknow how it goes. x
  • Oh well done you Torp!
    After going mad last month symptom spotting I have nothing at all this month but just shows, you never know! Fingers crossed as it would be great but just dont want to disappoint hubby!

  • Fingers crossed for you mrsallen and congratulations to you Torp!

    I don't think we've cracked it this month either, I had no positive opk (I had 2 faint lines on CD 11 and 12) and then nothing, but I have been testing a different times and after drinking a lot of water, so could have missed it (I'm hoping this and not that I didn't ov). FF originally had my ov date on CD15/16, then put the coverline originally at CD11, but has since changed it to CD14 (which is much better as we BD on cd 12, 14, 15 and 16).

    I too am virtual shopping and have also bought a few bits, but can explain them away as being for my sil as she's due in March (but really I want some of it for me!)

    I'm trying to be cool about it as I just don't think we have done it (only 2nd month trying too), so no symptom spotting or poas unless af is late

    Good luck and fingers crossed for everyone else
  • Just to update,

    POAS this morning with FR HPT and BFN! Still 3 days before AF due so not completely out but really not hopeful and just want AF out the way now so we can get on with month 3!

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