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False BFP!!

Hi girls, well did another test to check and it came out BFN so I did another same thing and another etc. I really couldnt believe it, I was fuming. So, Ill looked at the packaging of the ASDA HPT and it said something like secondary line may appear after 10mins but this does not mean you are pregnant. Arghhhh - so frustrated. DH was sooo exceited too. But Im not out yet. I wrote a while ago saying af was cocked up because had stupidly taken patch off mid cycle, well, I had quite alot of cramping a couple of days ago and was fairly convinced af was here but nothing, it wasnt ovulation pain... but im fairly convinced it was implantation cramp as I have had an abundance of snot like (tmi) CM which I vaguely remember having early pg last time?? So have got my fingers crossed and am testing on 10th. Anyone else testing then? x


  • Hun really hope you get your BFP
    Was the line pink/blue in colour?? did you look after the 10 min mark then hun.
    Testing is no fun i tested 1 day before af and thought i got a line oh saw the line 2. U could see the line after 1 min but it wasnt ment to b.

    Hold out and i am sure you will have your BFP on the 10th Good Luck xx
  • Sorry to hear that, hope you get your BFP on the 10th good luck xx
  • Hi Hun, Im due AF 10th Dec, im going to hold out until the 12th to test - im so sorry you had to go through that xx
  • Sorry to hear that. Fingers crossed for your bfp on 10th. I'm testing on 12th as I feel a suturday is better than a work day, no pressure to rush around and i can either get back into bed for a sulk if its a bfn or dance around all day with excitement if its a bfp!

    Good luck to all x
  • Good luck for the 10th xxxx
  • good luck for the 10th!

  • Thanks every1 for being so nice. Baby dust to all! Heres to us all getting BFP!!! x
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