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Older mums

Hi Hun
I'm Andrea and i'm 35 one of the oldest at my sons playgroup. my son is 3.5 and i have a 14 month old daughter that really keeps me on my toes and very active. So active that i need eyes in the back of my head.I dont work but stay at home to look after the kids which has been the hardest job that i will ever do.


  • Hello again,
    I think my children keep me feeling young.
    I'll be 35 next month, and I'm one of the youngest mums at school. However that is not likely to be the case when my 17 month old daughter starts school. ooohh I dont even want to think about that
    When I had my 9 year old son I was the youngest on the hospital ward but when I had my daughter I felt really old.
    The girl in the bed oppersite me had also just had her 3rd but she was 12 years younger than me!!!!!!!
  • i'd love my energy back hun and yes i do think older mums are more relaxed and go with the flow kind of people x
  • I don't get the fuss over 'older' mums, I really don't. I am 35 and pregnant with no. 2 and I don't feel any different in myself than I did ten years ago. Nothing about my physiology suggests I am 'old' for a pregnant mum, my chances of having a Down's baby were the same as a 24 year old when I had Bon aged 31 and are even lower with this one. I don't think I look particularly old against any of the other mums at nursery and I am one of the younger mums in my social circle. Thank heavens the medical profession has changed its attitudes, my mum was considered 'old' for a first child at 25!
  • I dont feel old at 35. I just have the onset of arithtus (which i cant spell)which makes me feel a little older.
    When i had my son i was 32 and the midwife kept banging on about how old i was and that i should be prepared about having a downs child i was 14 weeks pregnant and all the excitement of having our first child went as we were in shock. She kept shaking her head in silience looking at the results and tutting.So first time round i was treated very different to when i was having my second x
  • Andrea,
    Thats shocking treatment from your midwife.
    At a time when its really special too.
    I had a lovely midwife when I had my 2 sons then we moved and the midwife I got then with my daughter was a cold fish. There was no raport there at all. But she never said thing like that to me.
    I hope it did'nt spoil things for you.
  • Actually your right. When I'm at the toddler group on camp, they seem much younger than me. I was 30 this year and feel a bit old to them. When I'm at the toddler groups near to where we live it's not as bad. But as it's at a school they have older children. Then I feel the opposite, mum to one child that may be over protective while the others run riot while the mums chat. Feels a bit weird.
  • Lucyanne
    I think after a couple of weeks i got over the shock of the midwife saying what she did but my Husband had to wait til the birth. He seemed quite distant into touching my tummy as though he didn't want to bond with baby. I didn't care either way this was my baby that was inside my tummy and i had bonded very early on. Still everything was fine with both my kids. Just wish sometimes that the older midwives and others wouldn't think just because years ago everyone had kids in there late teens that if you go beyond that age then you shouldn't have kids because your too old.When i was having my daughter i had a lovely midwife aged about 30.x
  • I wanted a great job, great holidays and lots of fun until i hit 30. Then i seem to change and want to settle down and be resonsible and mature and have kids. I wouldn't change the order that i have done my life in one bit x
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