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The boys have just had their first jabs and I was told to watch their temps. I have a small digi thermometer stick. Whats the best way to take their temp, like where? How often?

Also, what would be classed as high? When would you give Calpol?

Sorry for the silly questions!!

Gemma, Ryan and Alfie (8 + 3)


  • I was told that any temp over 38.5 degrees is classed as a high temperature, but my lo is usually exactly 36 degrees whenever i've measured his temp - so after his jabs when he got to 37.5 i started to give him a little calpol as it was higher than he usually was, and he didn't seem to be himself. You can tell when your baby is not well, so if you feel that calpol may help, then you could give them a little (the amount you can give them at that age is very small - but can help after jabs).

    With a digi thermometer I'd usually put it under the armpit until it beeps - they can squirm a bit when they're not used to it, but the digi ones are usually very good.

    Hope they're okay - jabs are awful, poor things xxx
  • In SCBU a high temp was classed as over 37.5 degrees so I still always go by that.

    I agree with Poppygirl, under one arm is best if you can get them to keep their arm down for long enough! We have a strip thermometer that you just stick on their forehead for a few seconds.

    After the first set of jabs where the girls had a meltdown about 2 hours after, I always gave them a half dose after their future jabs anyway to head off any temps/feeling groggy. Seemed to work OK for us.

    In terms of frequency of taking temperature, maybe take it in a couple of hours time, before bed tonight and at any other time that they look flushed, feel warm or are generally not acting like themselves

  • hi, an ear thermometer is usually the most accurate ans is generally what the health professionals use. i thought a temp over 38???? is high and anything over 39???? needs medical advice/ attention. ds didn't get a temp with any of his jabs but he was far more grumpy (usually the second dsy and third day, fisrt day he slept loads) so figured just cos he hasn't got a temp doesn't mean it hasn't given him a headache or something so gave him half a does of calpol then. i wld say if he seems a bit out of sorts then u can try some, or wait and see if they develope a temp, up ot u.

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