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Reckon i'm out for xmas bfp :-(

After 7 days of highs i'm back to lows without even a sniff of a peak despite having some ov twinges image my cbfm has confirmed what i was already expecting this month afterv the bleeding but would've been nice to get a peak all the same just to give me some pma! Have been using FR opk's in the evening as well and as far as i can tell i didn't get a + on them so def not hopeful! (Going to invest in the digital CB ones for next month! think these'll be a lot easier to read! - i ran out of FR OPK's so didn't do one tues pm but got some cb ones last night but these seem harder to read and the lines looked pretty much identical last night but if that was the case i shouldn't of gottn a low this am!!!!) Sorry this has just been a bit of a rant and a winge, it doesn't help that i have to keep re setting my cbfm after every cycle at the moment cus of cycles being all over the place!!! :evil: :cry: Good luck to all of you still in the running! xxx

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  • Rocky don't give up - its not unusual to get only highs and still ov. There is at least one lady on pg who had exactly that and got pg that month!

    I bet if you put a post on there more than one person had this.
  • I agree with Lottie - it's not over until it's over. FR sticks are so hard to read too - when I used them one day the first stick told me I hadn't ov'd but I didn't believe it so I did another straight away which said I HAD ov'd!
  • oohhh i might just try that in hope of finding where my pma has gone in to hiding! Thanks L + N! it's just unusual for me not to get a peak but i know people who have started with their cbfm don't always in the first month and as i have said i have been re setting it every month so far! though i was thinking i wouldn't this month so will see what happens in 14 days time!

    M+S that has made me feel loads better! Thats why i'm thinking on the digital one's next month! It would just be nice 4 months on for my body to be 'normal'! xxx
  • Hello luvvie

    Well you know i'm not down with all things CBFM, but i dont think that you are out for this month. Does is work like opk's in that sometimes you might miss your surge when only testing at the same time once a day? Could it be that you had your surge during the day and by the next time that you tested it had been missed???

    I'm sure that L&N is right, if you put a post in pg i bet you would find someone in the same situation!

    Keep that PMA going!!!

    Jodie xx
  • Hey hunni, i have put a post in pg but not having much luck! but i figure most of them spend their time in the due in forums so will hold out a bit longer! i guess you could miss the initial surge with the cbfm but i havent before now, def getting some smileys ones next month! lol, Thanks hunny. how many dpo are you now? i'll have to stop you testing to keep my mind off it!!! image xxx
  • Hun,

    I wouldnt worry to much, the month I didnt get a peak I still conceived. I had loads of highs & everyday I was waiting for my peak to arrive & then it went to low again I was so pissed off & then I found out I was pg!!!

    It's not over yet xxxx
  • lol, i just had a feeling you put add this1 image !!! lol, i remember you saying it before! it's a thought helping my pma a lil bit but figure we've done all we can, as BD all bar the 2nd high and used Zestica on some as well, so now up to nature, feeling like i havent done it this month is actually helping me to feel chilled out! not sure how long it'll last mind! xx
  • I think generally when you feel like you havent done it thats when you get a nice surprise hun!!!

    Keeping everything crossed for you xxx
  • Hi luvvie

    V quick post going for a work do night out didn't want to read and run. I am 6/7 dpo. I had the smiley on thurs so would sat be 1 dpo? if so then i would be 7dpo, if i started 1 dpo from sun then i am 6, i am convinced i ov'd on the fri, but im i just trying to convince myself of this so i can test earlier???!!!!

    I hope you are keeping that PMA up, i am keeping everything crossed for you. Are you going to post a test date? Would you date the 2ww from the last high day??

    Jodie xx
  • hey chick did u have a good night? lol, ur being bad already!!! not going to set a test date, but going to bd every day / every other day for a few more days - i remembered yesterday someone on here before saying that the cbfm will give you a low in the last day of poas even if it's not a low!!! not sure if that right but could be that my body was giving me a few more highs cus of that bleeding... was tempted to re set it to day 5 and then poas some more but that'd mean i'd have to re set it again!!! GGRRR xxx
  • Hey Rocky,

    I'm totally lost with all the technology (so old school) but just wanted to say good luck anyway!

    I am going to use a digital CB ovulation kit this month but that's about where my knowledge on such things starts and ends!

    Take care,

  • thanks guys, trying desperately to keep up the PMA and the BD'ing for the rest of the week (just in case!) lol, i have know idea what dpo i am or even if i've got that far so hoping it'll hold off ss and testing too early cus i'll be hanging out that lil bit longer!!! xxx
  • Hi hun

    Hopefully we can keep each other's PMA going, mine has been up and down over the last few days i can tell you! Yeah the night out was quite good, had a lovely meal, but have been sooooo tired ever since, didn't get in til 1 and Noah was up alot of the night, so only had a few hours kip. Putting the rest of the tiredness down to a v busy week!

    Just keep thinking about those ladies who didn't have peaks on their CBFM and still got their BFP!! It ain't over yet!!! I bet OH isn't complaining about all the BDing either!!!

    Jodie xx
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