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need an answer from the experts (you ladies!)

So, I have a ten day luteal (sp) phase
When can I then poas? I never have a 11dpo!
Any ideas??


  • I'd test at 11dpo, the day your AF is due and hope that you either get a BFP or she doesn't turn up and you get your BFP a few days later, as 11dpo is still quite early to test.

    Obviously if you want an accurate result and don't want to waste tests then I'd wait until 14-15dpo, if that's at all possible xx
  • The thing is I usually come on, on 10 dpo.
    So does that mean I can't test that day?
  • You can test but it won't be very accurate. By the way if you normally come on on 10dpo, then I'd say your LP was 9 days xx
  • The doctor said its fine that its that short, but I'm not sure!!
  • I've known ladies get their BFP with as short LP's so it's certainly possible, that I do know. Wishing you lots of luck, hope you get your BFP soon xx
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