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trying again after natural miscarriage

firstly thank you to all who replied to my previous thread, some very kind and supportive words were said and it helps a great deal.

my question is, i know you can start trying again after one AF (which will hopefully be around New year) but did anyone worry about getting pregnant again and some of the tissue etc left behind and started bleeding again.

i had a natural miscarriage and have almost stopped bleeding, i am just concerned that it won't have all come away and if i get pregnant again soon i will start bleeding.

should my next AF get rid of anything else left over (god, i hate that it sounds so clinical)



  • hey, admittedly that wasn't something i worried about, i figured that if my body wasn't ready it wouldn't happen. saying that we ttc straight away before an AF (now on cycle 3 and hasn't worked just yet...) but i had an AF almost 8 weeks after my mc and then 3 weeks after my af i passed something (won't go into detail as it wasn't a clot but possible an old piece of lining that i knew was left but figured it had come away with my previous AF!) and figured maybe it was a good job i hadn't got pg that cycle! I think your body knows best hun and although its a bumbp road what will be will be, we can only do so much to help us get these bfp's.. xxx
  • My MC passed naturally. Although both my AF's since before now have been a bit wierd (todays visit from the witch seems more normal) I haven't passed any clots or tissue since the actual MC. we tried again straight away. I guess we're gonna worry whenever we try, so just got for it when you both feel ready.
  • I had a miscarriage 6 weeks ago and we just carried on as usual and decided to let nature take its course and I had a positive test on Monday! I was really surprised at how quick i happened and I haven't had a period since the miscarriage. I was worried about any tissue etc being left over. The doctor said its actually really common because you are extra fertile after a miscarriage. I had a natural miscarriage and by the time I had a scan nearly everything was gone from my womb and I bled for a few days beyond that so I really don't think there is anything left in there now but the doctor said I might bleed a little in the next couple of weeks but it should be dark brown rather than red.
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