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only BDing??

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I noticed that everybody speaks of having to BD. Just wanted to say that we shouldn't forget that it is also for the fun and intimacy! So please don't call it a MUST and enjoy being close to your OH.

Just writing this because I took a month of BDing and just had sex and it was fun, I had more of it and so certainly also on the right days.



  • hubs and i make sure we BD all month... even when i am expecting AF soon... we make sure it is fun, and intimate. we obviously hope it will result in a bub so do more when we might be OVing...

    but as i have said in another topic, this is the 1st month we've had any idea when that might be so most of the time it is just sex!
  • Hi shuck I get what your saying hun and I must say ever since we came off the little preventers lol we have both really enjoyed having sex or making love, bding ha ha.

    I guess you cane just get caught up in the whole am ov take me to bed right now but I have decided not to tell hubby when am ovulating as he said he would prefer me just to say hubs your gonna be a daddy image so thats how weve decided to play it out and will see how we get on.

    We are both quite tired at the moment too so am not holding out much hope for this month and altho I got a positive yday on an OPK I feel fine today and prob will tomorrow so am not sure I know what that means in terms of ovulating etc. We are too busy at the moment to make time to have sex every other day and end up doing the deed mainly on the weekends so guess i could be hanging around ttc forever xx
  • We've not had sex since my last peak about 9 days ago... No reason, just busy with work and running around after other people... It actually seems really bad now I put it in words... Ooops! We still get plenty of kisses and cuddles though image

    Maybe I should make the effort tonight, though I dare say I think he is more intereasted in Top Gear at the minute :lol:
  • i agree hun, we had one month where i got a bit consumed in it all and promised myself i wouldnt do it again. my oh has a very very high sex drive so loves ov time but we try not to talk about it i just feel more up fro it around then so he kinda knows thats the time i have to say though i am actually enjoying sex much more. just after i had lo i kinda went off it all and it took a while to get back into it so we have used the last few months to get really close again.xxxx
  • angel100 - i share ur oh's enthusiasm LOL - sometimes i think i'll end up like that dude off celebrity love island and oh will start calling me the 'sex pest'

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