Bio Oil - worth using BEFORE conception?

Hi again,

Just wanted to know if anyone thinks its worth using bio oil, before getting pg?

I am very paranoid about getting stretch marks (as I am sure most of you are!)
And wondered if getting your skin supple beforehand, has any benefits?!


  • I think that if you're going to get stretchmarks, you'll get them regardless. I tried bio oil and palmers cocoa butter and thought I was doing ok until about week 26 when my belly popped and my stomach looked like a road map!
    Not pretty at the time, but they've faded now. My body will never be the same, but it's just my battle scars from carrying my beautiful boy, so it's not such a big deal. I wouldn't go worrying about it too much!
  • I have stretch marks from gaining and loosing weight quickly, some people have the type of skin that will stretch to buggery - like mine, and others don't. I'm worried about how it will affect my body, but keep telling myself that I will have someone worthwhile to show for it!!! xxx
  • I wouldn't bother you've got a good few weeks after your bfp before your belly starts to grow, so starting as soon as you get bfp will be plenty of time. I MC'd at 8 weeks, and was only the last 10days before MC that my waistband started to get a little tight. I will def be using the bio-oil and/or cocoa butter again next time as I have a tattoo on my stomach and am desperate not to have strecth marks going right through it. but to be honest now I wouldn't be as bothered if I look a state after, I just want a healthy baby! Fingers crossed for bfp's very soon for everyone.
  • I would use it once you have your bfp (its expensive lol) like gemgems says you have a good few weeks before your skin stretches. I used bio oil with my lo I literally bathed in the stuff and dont have one single stretch mark!
  • I don't think it matters what you use, I think if your going to get stretch marks then your gonna get them - I wouldn't worry too much about them though, they do fade in time
  • I am obsessed with moisturising and have done it since I was 17 and my skin is in pretty good condition for it.

    I love aveeno stuff as makes your skin so so soft and hydrated. I also use bio oil in the evening a few times a week too. If you have or know someone with a costco card it's much cheaper there.

    I also use boots santuray body butter and tehy do a lovely mum to be one. I have a few other pregnancy ones (burts bees) lined up for when i'm pregnant again and will feel too guilty to treat myself!

    I did say I was obsessed and think it is good to moisturise whether pregnant or not but imagine i'll be even worse when am pregnant again!! x x
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