Hey ladies,

We have decided to start trying again after our mmc in October. Its really nerve wracking and keep thinking of things I may have done wrong still!

I love my tea, I cut down a lot last time but was wondering, are you ok to drink decaffeinated tea or is that just as bad?

Thanks Ladies



  • Hi Lea,
    I read that you should try to cut down to 3 cups of tea a day. I just drink 'normal' tea in the morning & d'caff the rest of the day, but i'd be interested to know if it's good for you or not.

    Good luck to you

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  • I think decaff tea is ok, well I hope so cos I can't cope without my tea!! xxSara
  • yeah i think decaf is ok as it's the caffine ur supposed to cut down on! thats all we have in the house now!!!! xx
  • Good question! I have wondered the same thing.

    Someone at work told me decaf contains just as many toxins as normal tea which is highly depressing! Still, I do a normal tea or ooffee in the morning, then decaf or herbal the rest of the day.

    Good luck! I started TTC this month too after mmc in Sept. I ov on Wed so we've been busy since then!
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